Free Disney Bucks Printable

Free Disney Bucks Printable

Free Disney Bucks Printable

Who needs Disney tips?  I know I did. I wanted to make sure I got the most out of my money and my child had the best experience. We have 7 tips for getting the most out of Disney for your money. I also wanted it to be a learning experience for us all. We compiled our best tips in our Disney Tips post. We even reviewed Pandora at Disney World.

The next step is to have your children feel like they are part of the experience and teach them responsibility.  That is why we came up with Disney bucks for my fellow Disney lovers.

I wanted to think of a way to set a budget for my daughter and to help her earn her own money to spend while we are there. I am not a fan of a free for all during vacations, so I make sure my daughter knows how much it costs to go, and how hard we work to go. So she loves being able to “work” for her own spending money, and it helps us from overspending as well. That’s why we came up with Disney Bucks! 

So how do Disney Bucks work?

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Disney Bucks are simple to understand. You and your kids sit down and decide on what chores they will do leading up to the trip, and how much each chore is worth. In the days leading up to your trip your kids can cash in their Disney Bucks for either Disney gift cards or cash to spend on their trip! The photo above is what my daughter decided to spend her Disney Bucks on for our last trip. All those “Cinderella chores” as she called them were traded in for a full princess experience!

My daughter is now 8, so she is able to do quite a bit of different chores. She has the potential to earn up to $10 a week with her chores (cleaning her room, her play room, the bathroom, sweeping the floor, and cleaning the windows). If she chooses not to do a certain chore that week then the amount goes down. Her goal is to have $100 before we leave for our trip. So she is currently happily cleaning her room. Win-Win! I also throw in a couple extra bucks when she is caught being good.

So I thought this would be a great thing to share with you.  Pass it on to anyone you know who is heading to Disney World in the future.  Simply print them out, cut them up, and distribute as you see fit.

Disney Bucks Printable

(click to enlarge and print)

I hope you enjoy this free Disney Bucks Printable and happy Disney planning!

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 We hope you enjoy our Disney Tips. Share yours with us.

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