Show Some Teacher Appreciation With Back To School Gifts From Aldi!

Show Some Teacher Appreciation With Back To School Gifts From Aldi!

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Aldi Giving Back Pack Event-As some of you may know, my daughter is at a nee school this year! We have bought our first home that we close on in 2 more weeks! We wanted to go ahead and enroll her in the new school system she will be in when we move so we wouldn’t have to switch schools only a month in. Right now it’s a little stressful as the school is 40 minutes away from our current home. Which means we are driving 40 minutes each way twice a day. While it might be annoying it is 100% worth it. You see this school is a little different than what we are used to. It’s an “arts integration school” which specializes in art, music, and drama. All the things my daughter loves. After one week of attending this school, I know we made the right decision. She has fit right in and really blossomed so quickly. She even made the drama club!  [Read more…]

School Snacks Made Easy With Help From Aldi! #ALDIgivesback

School Snacks Made Easy With Help From Aldi!

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Aldi Gives Back

Another school year is upon us! This year my daughter has entered the 2nd grade, and has found out that it is quite different than years past. The homework is harder, the rules are a little more strict, and they get to have a snack this year. In years past snack time was not a thing. I’m not quite sure why. So when we got the note home that we could provide a snack for our child for morning snack time we were thrilled. You see, my daughter is NOT a morning person, so when I ask her if she wants to eat something at 6 am, the answer is usually a very groggy no. (And for those wondering, yes I still made her eat something, she just wasn’t happy about it ha!). So now that she has a snack time around 9 am, it makes for an easy morning. [Read more…]