Books to Read in 2015

Books to Read in 2015

books to read in 2015

These are the books I would suggest you read. These are some of the books we have read and love. I hope that you take the time to open a book and open your mind to new ideas and experiences. In our home we read together for 30 minutes. We take turn reading to our littlest who is in the emergent reader stage. Then we model reading by pulling out a great book to read. I know that my children will also fall in love with books because we make sure that we have books everywhere and we encourage them to read with us.

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New Romance Novel – Letting Go

Letting Go

I have known the author for several years and I am so glad to be a part of this Blog Tour promoting¬†Letting Go.¬†I don’t know how she found the time but she has created a truly delightful and engaging “Steamy” Romance Novel. This is not for the weak of heart or those who don’t like a little Naughty with their reading. [Read more…]