Free Halloween Lunch Box Notes Printable

Free Halloween Lunch Box Notes Printable



Halloween is almost here! At my house we celebrate Halloween pretty much the entire month of October with decorations, movies, Halloween themed food, and games! One of the things my daughter loves me to do for her is write little lunch box notes to throw into her lunch box so she knows I’m thinking about her when she is at school. So I do that every time she takes her lunch. I even made some printable lunch box notes for girls and printable lunch box notes for boys for you guys to print out that can be used any time of the year! So because we love Halloween so much I wanted to make some printable Halloween lunch box notes that my daughter is sure to love, and I wanted to share them with you so you can print them out and share them with your kids too! [Read more…]

Halloween Breakfast Foods

Halloween Breakfast Foods

easy halloween breakfast ideas

I am that mom. The one that embraces tacky treats for different holidays. I want my kids to have something fun to remember and even pass on when they grow up. I am making Halloween Breakfast Foods. I will however, admit I totally cheat. I make things that are easy and require more creativity than ability. I value time enjoying the meal over the time to create one. I hope you enjoy my little slice of crazy as I share my monster muffin idea for breakfast.

This is what I did I bought a box of corn muffin mix. Then I followed the box and made them. Less time well just buy corn muffins that are already made. You can grab any muffin type. [Read more…]

Planning The Perfect Halloween Party

Planning The Perfect Halloween Party



Are you planning on throwing a Halloween party this year? How fun! I love any excuse to party, but with Halloween being my favorite holiday, I love Halloween parties the most. There are so many fun themes, recipes, costumes, and more that can make planning the perfect Halloween party easy and fun! I searched the web for some awesome party ideas and I wanted to share them with you! So what goes into planning the perfect Halloween party? Simple, good food, games, party favors, and decorations. So I’m going to share some of my favorite articles in each category from across the web so you can throw a rocking Halloween party for all your ghosts and ghouls! [Read more…]

Easy Halloween Craft:Ghost Foot Family Canvas Painting

Easy Halloween Craft:Ghost Foot Family Canvas Painting



Halloween time is almost here! I for one am super excited because Halloween is one of my families favorite holidays and we go all out with our decorations, crafts, and recipes. Today I wanted to share with you a super easy halloween craft which is my Ghost Foot Family Canvas Painting! This is a cute craft that can involve your whole family (we even got our pets involved!) and you only need a few supplies! It’s also fun to pull out every year and see how much little feet have grown! [Read more…]

Mummy Meatloaf So Gross But So Good




Gross Halloween food


Halloween Food Recipes For Kids


       I love halloween food recipes for kids. I think the magic of the holiday is creating normal food and making it just plain seasonally fun. We take on the holiday by creating Gross Halloween Food Ideas. This meatloaf is so incredibly tasty. It is actually a recipe that freezes exceptionally well you can view the normal freezer ready Easy Mexican Meatloaf.

[Read more…]

Gross Halloween Food Ideas

Gross Halloween  food Ideas

Gross Halloween Food Ideas

I am sure you have little ones or a Halloween party coming up. I know my kids love gross halloween food ideas. I decided this year I would take the time to create some. I have tons of cute Halloween recipes but I really didn’t have any gross ones.

I decided to do the eyeballs since my children love hard boiled eggs. They are also easy. I need easy and quick recipes.

Gross Halloween Food Ideas


food coloring

Red Peppers







You will need to boil water and place your eggs in the oil I use a tablespoon of  vinegar 1/2 tsp of salt in my water. The water should be cold. You need to place the eggs in a single layer int he pan. Then make sure the eggs are covered with 2 inches of water over them.

Once your eggs are boiling turn off the stove and cover the pan. I usually wait 12 minutes to make sure they are cooked.

Then I remove them and place the eggs in a bowl of ice water.

Once your eggs have cooled you will peel them. Then you will cut them in half.

This is how you make the veins. You take red food coloring and a toothpick and draw the veins.

Isn’t that easy.

Enjoy this Gross Halloween Food Idea


Halloween recipe ideas

Then you cut the peppers and put them on top of the eggs. Add the olives. You can also take out the yolk and use food coloring for it but I wasn’t in the mood to do that.

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