Two Girls and One Guy

Two Girls and One Guy

two girls and one guys

On the way out of an all day concert a girlfriend and I started talking to two guys, the respective interested parties exchanged numbers. Her guy started calling immediately, I think maybe before we left the parking lot.  Knowing that the day’s sweat and beer had wiped any of my cuteness I did not expect a call from the handsome and witty gentleman I exchanged numbers with. He was a Nicholas Cage look alike with darker features.

A few days passed and no call, but my girlfriend called to report that she was being swamped with calls from the overzealous guy she had met. A traits she found a complete turn off. She asked if I would call his friend, we shall call him my generation’s Nicholas Cage (MGNC), to explain that she was not interested. Yes, we were that young that she would not tell him herself.

I called MGNC to do my duty. He of course, thought it was an excuse to call him. The conversation went well and my witty side made an appearance long enough for him to ask me to dinner. Dinner went well and with his voice, velvety- also much like Nicholas Cage, I was invited back to his apartment. We were engaged in some fairly innocent kissing in his bedroom when there was a knock at the door. To get to the front door, you would have passed the bedroom window. Although the blinds were closed, the visitor had been able to detect the activity behind the blinds.

Two Girls and One Guy

What happened next was embarrassing for all involved. She obviously thought she was still in a relationship with MGNC, as he did not. There was yelling, the throwing of a watch, and a rather harsh thud as he was pushed into the door. I was frozen. At 6’0 tall I have been scared of very few women. But this chick was pissed. Finally she left and he took me home. We saw each other for a bit longer. And then he took his good looks and movie star voice to LA. He has had some success with commercials and reoccurring roles in series.

I have been on both sides of this situation since. When a relationship wanes, there is discussion of a “break,” or “seeing other people.” Both parties try to hold on to what was good. They continue to hang out, maybe occasionally sleep together. For the guy it is over. Know that for a guy there are no nuances, there is on and there is off. In his mind he has been set free. The girl thinks she is going to be notified when he starts seeing someone else. She is not. This does not make him bad, this makes it simple.

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This is my story of two girls and one guy.