Marriage Advice Quotes

marriage advice

Marriage Advice Quotes

I have been married for over a decade. I can say that sometimes I need to call on these Marriage Advice quotes to brave the storm or remind me that a relationship is in some way just like a ship sometimes there is smooth sailing and other times there are rough seas.

If you are thinking it do not say it until you have counted  in your head…

If you think you can change your spouse you shouldn’t have married them until they were fixed…

If you love someone then accept them

If you want great marriage advice do not ask someone who is single… they have failed to have a relationship

If he or she is a slob hire a cleaning person

If you are broke do not spend money you do not have because divorce is more expensive than staying married at least you have a tax write off

Love your spouse like you love a good dessert enjoy but do not become so consumed that you puke

Be the mirror image of what you want

Love is a gift you give yourself and sometime it requires a return policy

The best marriage involves two people a threesome is for quitters

Hold hands and fight fair only say things that you would want said to you

Offer solutions not just problems

Love deeply and be thankful

The best marriage is one that is founded on love, commitment, and honesty


Things not to say in a fight

Things not to say in a fight

Things not to say in a fight

My husband and I have been married for 10 years but we celebrate 11 years together on June 22nd.  I will be honest and admit that during this time we have endured numerous fights, many that were silly and needless.  We have compiled a list of 11 things not to say in a fight. Each of these is something one of us has said in a fight. I highly urge you when in an argument, fight or discussion, DO NOT repeat any of these 11 phrases.

Things not to say in a fight

  1. Now, I know why your ex- wife divorced you
  2. Let’s just skip the fighting and move to the “Make-Up Sex”, you know we are going to get there anyways.
  3. Why does it always have to be about you?
  4. Can you stop yelling? I am trying to watch the game.
  5. I Hate You!
  6. Will this take long, I have something to do?
  7. I’m going to bed!
  8. Now I know why you have been single so long.
  9. What are you making for dinner tonight?
  10. Can I talk now?
  11. What did you say?

I will say after 11 years, the fights are far and few in between. I have learned sometimes that silence is golden. As my mother always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

Feeling Brave? Share with us some things you have learned are not good to say in a fight!

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