Watermelon Scented Moon Sand Recipe

DIY 4-Ingredient Watermelon Scented

Moon Sand Recipe

Moon Sand

Summer is fast approaching and I’m always looking for fun (and cost effective) activities fr my daughter to do during the break from school. One thing that she loves to do is play with anything that she can mold and build with. Sand is one of her favorite things to play with outside, so I thought I would make her something she can play with inside. And with summer in mind, I knew I wanted to bring in something summerish, so I asked my daughter what summer was  to her and she said eating watermelon and swimming!”. Fair enough, watermelon it is! So I decided to make her some 4-Ingredient Watermelon Scented Moon Sand Recipe! I don’t know if you have seen Moon Sand before but it is this really awesome sand that is soft and easy to mold. It can also be expensive to buy it off the shelf. Now you can make some at home with only 4 ingredients. Here is how easy it is to make it: [Read more…]