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About Me

Love, Laughter, Forever After

Amee and Mat

This site is about chasing dreams while chasing our kids. It is about being thankful for who we are and helping others do the same. We have a sense of humor, style, and the ability to make financial decisions that leave us with more than cents at the end of the month. I like to cook, clean, and craft and I am bit sassy and full of smart comments.

This site is about how to find love, stay in love with someone else and yourself (Because if you don’t love yourself, how are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an Amen up in here!?), it is about getting in shape, and being the best parent you can be.

I hope you will enjoy my journey as I try new things, cook new dishes, and deal with parenting, and overcoming the obstacles that come our way. I hope you can learn about a great product, try a new recipe, and get a little glitter on the floor with me. I believe in Love, Laughter, and Forever After. Thanks for joining me!

Now for a little fun since this site is about Laughter…..



I believe each person that enters your life teaches you a lesson. Welcome to my space I am ready to learn!


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