Dating tips from Men

Dating tips from Men

dating tips from a guy

The Man/Take 2 I will give you dating tips from men.

In modern society we can all get at least one first date right??  I mean come on, with online dating sites like “Plenty of Fish”, “Christian Mingle”, and “Meet Black People”, there is love out there waiting for all shapes, sizes, colors and sexual preferences!!  In the online dating world you can make yourself look like King Kong, (through the help of some photo shop), with the heart of Mother Theresa, thanks to some smooth “about me” phrases.  Bottom line is a good profile can land you a first date, but it’s surely not going to get you a second.  Heck, I can only imagine the number of first dates these days, that upon sitting down to dinner, there is an “excuse me, I need to run to the bathroom”, only to never be heard from again!!  Let a MASTERDATER help you avoid from being a MASTERBATER and earn yourself a SECOND DATE!!  Here are some topics to surely avoid on Date #1…..

 Dating tips from Men

You’re on a first date.  This hopefully means you AREN’T married, so don’t talk about it.  If you want to get married good for you!  If you don’t want to get married, congratulations!  The truth is, until you find the RIGHT person, nobody knows what the future holds, so wanting or not wanting to get married really doesn’t make a rip.  I can assure you anyone who says they knew on their first date, that date was going to be their spouse, they were either smoking crack or ate psychedelic mushrooms for their appetizer!  It takes time people!!  A first date, is supposed to be fun, getting to know someone, seeing if they’re a football fan!  NOT find out their deepest, darkest wants and desires.  If a woman(or man), starts talking on the first date about how they wants to be married and have 3 kids by the time they’re 30, unless they are an angel sent from God, that is going to scare the living daylights out of someone and certainly not get you a second date.  Don’t ask, don’t tell!


We all have a past, we all have baggage.  The first date is exactly that, a FIRST impression.  First impressions usually last.  Nobody wants to be sized up, literally or figuratively to your EX for 3 hours.  It’s really just not very much fun.  In a lot of ways it also shows you obviously haven’t gotten over that person.  Don’t you want to get to know ME??  If you’ve been physically or emotionally battered well boo-hoo, join the club.  I will certainly be more empathetic after I’ve at least gotten in the panties first!!  And don’t ask someone’s “NUMBER”, and NEVER on a first date!  I have been with my wife for 7 years, and we have NEVER ONCE asked the other how many previous sexual partners we have had.  Why do people ask this question?  What is the point??  Who is actually going to be honest anyways??  Don’t want to know, don’t need to know.  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!  Stop being so insecure and move on.  The past is HISTORY, the future is a mystery, let’s live for the present, which is your date with me!!  Go earn yourself a second date!


Unless you have HIV or Hepatitis C, NEVER talk about STD’s on a first date!!  If you’ve ever HAD or HAVE herpes, syphilis, crabs, or even genital warts(HPV), and have the urge to talk about it WAIT.  A first date is not the time or place.  Sure, if you’ve had more than one sexual partner in your life there is more than a 60% chance that you have some sort of HPV, and your date already knows that.  Warts or not, symptoms or not, you probably have it!  Like it or not, admit it or not, it’s there.  These days it’s almost a given unless there is a virgin(all 10 of them) sitting across from you at the table, they likely have it too.  So no worries, you’re all in the same swimming pool, but no need to bring it up!!  If you didn’t already know, it’s what most would call a TURN OFF, and likely won’t land you a second date!  Don’t ask, don’t tell!  If you like each other enough, and you are open and honest about it in the FUTURE there is still a chance you can make it work…….GOOD LUCK!!


By the way, whether you’re GOBAMA or NOBAMA save it at least for date #2.  If you praise Jesus or you’re a Buddha Lover tell me later.  Enjoy your date, be yourself, remember what I’ve said and live to see another date!!



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Dating Tips – What Guys Really Think About Girls –

Dating Tips – What Guys Really Think About Girls

Dating Tips: What Guys Really Think
CALLING ALL FEMALES!!! Do you really want to know what is going on inside a man’s head?? Here are some Dating Tips so you know what guys really think about girlsI mean really?? The reality may make you uncomfortable…it may scare you…it may even break your heart, but you are kind souls and you deserve to know the truth!!
A lunch girl…..a dinner girl…….a last call girl. That is the question. Which one do you want to be?? Well, I would assume that this is in the eye of the beholder, but you are about to find the stunning truth of how a man views these 3 types of women!!

Dating Tips – What Guys Really Think About Girls

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The Last Call Girl

Last Call Girl

The Last Call Girl

It is late and the bars are emptying and there she sits. She is the Last Call Girl. She checks her cell phone. Then she places it in her bag. She scans the room for a guy. Then she nervously reaches into her bag wondering if he has called. She waits for the guy who stood her up a week ago to call her. It is after midnight and the day has past. She is awaiting his call. She can help but think of him. They met once but it must have meant something to him. I mean it had to have. Why hasn’t he texted her? She is the last call girl.

The Last Call Girl

Okay, so I believe there are three types of girls when it comes to dating. There is the lunch date. That is the girl a guy takes out to lunch. He isn’t sure if she is “just a friend” or something more. He takes her to lunch to feel out her feeling for him. He is interested but maybe not really interested.

Then there is the dinner date girl. She has been invited out to a date at night with the hopes that there is some spark there. He has committed to sitting across from her for at least a meal. He feels confident that she will at the very least amuse him through the meal. If not then she must be  good enough to look out for an hour or more. He has the option of taking her out somewhere else or taking her home. The dinner date girl is usually someone that he is attracted to.

The last girl is what I call the last call girl. The bar is closing or the night is ending and he hasn’t met anyone else. He decides to text someone or call someone at a ridiculous hour. It is not his intent to make you the dinner date girl. If it was he would have invited you to dinner. It is his intent to avoid being alone by calling the last call girl. You will never be the dinner date girl if you accept being the last call girl.

   These are my instructions to all you ladies who have become or are thinking of becoming the last call girl. Give your phone to a friend and ask them to hold it. Do not make plans with someone after they have gone out. If they want to see you then they can take you out. Do not text or answers texts at ridiculous hours. You are busy. I do not care if your are busy smelling perfume in a magazine you are so busy that you can’t   text, call, or visit someone who thinks you are the last call girl!

  I will say this many times on this site. You teach people how to treat you by accepting unacceptable behavior.  You are worth being more than “the last call girl”. The last call girl is the person that he calls when all else has failed. When the bar is closing and he hasn’t found anyone else. He isn’t calling you because your who he wants he is calling you because you are who is left.

Message for the day: If you pick up that phone he will never respect your time. You are more important and more valuable than being the “LAST Call Girl!”

Yes, ladies and gents it is perfectly acceptable to forward this to a friend who doesn’t get it just say, “Amee said…. and give them the url. ”

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What did The MAN say about my Last Call Girl…. well he told me this is his dating tips: What a guy really thinks about girls. 

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