Halloween Breakfast Foods

Halloween Breakfast Foods

easy halloween breakfast ideas

I am that mom. The one that embraces tacky treats for different holidays. I want my kids to have something fun to remember and even pass on when they grow up. I am making Halloween Breakfast Foods. I will however, admit I totally cheat. I make things that are easy and require more creativity than ability. I value time enjoying the meal over the time to create one. I hope you enjoy my little slice of crazy as I share my monster muffin idea for breakfast.

This is what I did I bought a box of corn muffin mix. Then I followed the box and made them. Less time well just buy corn muffins that are already made. You can grab any muffin type. [Read More...]

Planning The Perfect Halloween Party

Planning The Perfect Halloween Party



Are you planning on throwing a Halloween party this year? How fun! I love any excuse to party, but with Halloween being my favorite holiday, I love Halloween parties the most. There are so many fun themes, recipes, costumes, and more that can make planning the perfect Halloween party easy and fun! I searched the web for some awesome party ideas and I wanted to share them with you! So what goes into planning the perfect Halloween party? Simple, good food, games, party favors, and decorations. So I’m going to share some of my favorite articles in each category from across the web so you can throw a rocking Halloween party for all your ghosts and ghouls! [Read More...]

Save Hundreds on Pregnancy clothes

 save money pregnancy

I have so many friends that are having babies. They are besides themselves with happiness. Then they have a moment where they wonder how am I going to make my current clothing work. How can I dress myself in clothes for the pregnancy and not spend a lot of money?  I wanted to teach them how to save money pregnancy. I decided to share a few of my secrets that kept me looking great on a budget.I was always comfortable in what I had on and even happier that I didn’t spend a fortune.

These are five quick tips that really will save you money on Maternity clothes. I actually made money on the clothes I bought when I consigned them later on Ebay and a local thrift shop. I also sold a lot of my clothes on Craigslist and did really well. I have to say buy what you like and what looks good on you and what you can wear on the way back down to your normal pre baby weight. It is easy to save money on maternity clothes if you follow the tips I share in the video.

save money pregnancy

Love Story

In true Love, Laughter, Forever After, Tradition. We will do a “He Said” and “She Said”. My husband and myself will tell you how we met.

Amee and Mat

He Said,

How I met my wife

Back in late 1996, I was a junior E-3 Fireman Electricians Mate in the US Navy.  During that period in my life I was stationed in Orlando Florida at the US Navy’s Nuclear Power School.  I truly loved living in Orlando as I had access to Church Street Station downtown, Disney, and all the attractions only 30 minutes away.  But one of the main attractions was to go back to the home of the Florida Gators – Gainesville FL. [Read More...]

Easy Halloween Craft:Ghost Foot Family Canvas Painting

Easy Halloween Craft:Ghost Foot Family Canvas Painting



Halloween time is almost here! I for one am super excited because Halloween is one of my families favorite holidays and we go all out with our decorations, crafts, and recipes. Today I wanted to share with you a super easy halloween craft which is my Ghost Foot Family Canvas Painting! This is a cute craft that can involve your whole family (we even got our pets involved!) and you only need a few supplies! It’s also fun to pull out every year and see how much little feet have grown! [Read More...]

The three excuses people give for being broke

how to get out of debt and start over

How to get out of debt and start over

I have a friend. Well, I have several friends who are broke. I do not pick my friends based on their financial wealth. I do not care about what they have. I do worry and have spoken  to them about their finances because they asked.  I want to help them by teaching them how to get out of debt and start over. There were three common excuses they had for being broke. The first was they couldn’t find the right job. I am not sure there is a “right job”. This is what I told them. Make a list of what you like to do and what you want to do. Then figure out how to create that job. In the meantime find a job that fits your schedule and go to work.

If you want to knock out your debt you need to do two things increase your income and decrease your spending. It is really that
simple. This is how we figure out how to get out of debt. We made a list of expenses.

[Read More...]