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free maid of honor speeches

Free maid of honor speech

The join of being in the wedding is only made more joyful when you are asked to be the maid or matron of honor. You will then have to make a speech. This free Maid of honor speech will hopefully inspire you with its Marriage Advice Quotes. This is the format for the speech I made this past weekend when my best friend got married.

The first thing you want to do is open up with a joke. The reason is simple it will help you calm your nerves. It will get everyones attention and it will set the tone for your speech. The speech should be meaningful and fun. I decided to create a meaningful speech with advice. I thought I would share some of the great Marriage Advice that I shared with her and her husband.

You know I love a great love story so I brought in some of my love story and the sercrets to a happy marriage marriage  from my life. It is always great to share your experiences and findings. This is what I told them.

I told them why I was friends with the bride. What makes her special to me. Then I went on to explain what will make those qualities special to her husband. I gave her this pivotal piece of advice.

Marriage Advice Quotes

A good marriage is like a good friendship. You will give and you will take until you find the center. Marriage is not self centered

Marriage is constant communication of your expectations, needs, desire, and it is your spouses role to achieve those. I told them that my husband asks me every night if there is anything else he needs to do to make sure I am happy. He is committed to my happiness and I am committed to his.

Marriage is about accepting the person you married and not trying to change them.

Marriage is ignoring what isn’t important and focusing on what is important.

Marriage is about hard fought battles before they become a war

Marriage is the looks of knowing that you will share the past that brought you to your present and the future you will share

Then you should share a story. I always think about my husband and how he holds my hand through out life. It made me realize that the first thing you do after kissing when you are married is you hold hands.

When you hold hands you will need to understand that sometimes you will lead and sometimes you will follow and sometimes you will arrive at the same time but you should also do so together.

Do something sentimental provide a trinket or object that the bride and groom can keep from your speech. I bought the bride a special box to keep their special trinkets in which was a tradition in her family. When I was the Matron of honor for my sisters wedding I brought items that represented the qualities necessary for a successful relationship.

You need to leave your bride with something tangible to take away.

Then you need to ask everyone to raise their glasses as you toast their relationship and future together.

I hope you liked this

free maid of honor speech

Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

couple halloween costumes

I love Halloween and I love to go to Halloween parties with my husband. So what do the cutest couples go as for Halloween? Check out my top five favorite Couple Halloween Costume Ideas! The key to couples costumes at least in my marriage is to keep his as simple as possible. My husband is a little reluctant to wear some crazy costume but if I can at least make the clothing part of the costume comfortable than he is game for whatever.

My Top 5 Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

halloween 2014

1. Flo and Mayhem – Easy and frugal. Most of us already own the basic pieces to make these costumes. For her: white polo shirt ,white pants, blue headband. You can get the apron, iron on letters, and make your own button at any craft store. For him: dark suit, white shirt, dark tie. Add some small weights and a pink headband.

Frank and his bride

2. Frank and his Bride – It ain’t easy being green but this is a great couples costume. For her: LBD (aka little black dress), either a wig or an updo, if you go with an updo just use baby powder to give yourself some white streaks For him: the green make-up really makes the costume, draw on stiches with black, dark shirt, a green jacket if you can find it at the second hand store but a dark jacket will do.

3. Adam and Eve – My in-laws dressed as Adam and Eve several years ago and it was a hoot! They found beige colored sweat shirts and sweat pants and then pinned on construction paper leaves in the appropriate places. Inexpensive and funny!

queen of hearts and mad hatter

4. Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter – Skip Alice and go over the top sexy with a queen of hearts costume. This is for those of us who maybe a little less crafty. I have seen both these costumes this year in retail stores.


5. Medusa and the Stone Man – For her: find a flowing green dress – think toga, you can add a gold sash or belt. Pick up an inexpensive Medusa head piece from the costume store and go bold with the eye makeup – lots of colors! For him – he can wear whatever he wants which will make him happy. Then you need to paint his face and hands gray like stone. Use baby powder to make his hair gray too!

Do you have Couple Halloween Costume Ideas? Share it with us below.

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3 Reasons You Will Be Divorced Soon

Reasons for divorce

Reasons for divorce


I can’t believe I am going to write this. I am going to discuss your reasons for divorce. Who am I to tell you that your marriage is over or coming to an end? I am the person who hears the same excuses. He doesn’t listen. He doesn’t love me. He doesn’t make time for me anymore. I am the person that heard you say “He completes me at your wedding.” I am also the person that is going to tell you why if you do not change your approach you will be in divorce court.

A relationship is a job. It is not a fairytale. It isn’t the beginning of your life and it isn’t the end. It doesn’t matter how much time you put into if you are only taking instead of giving or giving instead of taking. A relationship isn’t about keeping score its about keeping it together. The relationship you are in needs work it will take more effort than you have ever put into anything else before in your life. It is just as easy to fall into love as it is to fall out of love. You need to decide if you are willing to do the work. You need to decide if you are willing to give more than you may take. You need to start with addressing the issues.

The three issues I see that will lead to your divorced soon if not corrected are:

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Free Halloween Lunch Box Notes Printable

Free Halloween Lunch Box Notes Printable



Halloween is almost here! At my house we celebrate Halloween pretty much the entire month of October with decorations, movies, Halloween themed food, and games! One of the things my daughter loves me to do for her is write little lunch box notes to throw into her lunch box so she knows I’m thinking about her when she is at school. So I do that every time she takes her lunch. I even made some printable lunch box notes for girls and printable lunch box notes for boys for you guys to print out that can be used any time of the year! So because we love Halloween so much I wanted to make some printable Halloween lunch box notes that my daughter is sure to love, and I wanted to share them with you so you can print them out and share them with your kids too! [Read More...]

Johnny Rockets Review

johnny rockets review

I received a night out with my friends so I could review the food. All opinions are mine and the calories I own those as well. They were well worth it!

The key to a successful girl’s night out is the right food and location. It isn’t easy being a mom or wife. It really isn’t easy to try to plan a night out. I decided we all need one so that is what I did. I planned one. I first gathered a list of my attendees. Then I thought about my location. I figured for this group Johnny Rockets was perfect. I really missed a good burger, fries, and a shake. Then I created a quick invite and I emailed them out. You can make your own DIY party invites.

johnny rocket review

I chose Johnny Rockets because I like their shakes. I even created one for a contest they were having. You can see my lemon pie shake. I like the feel of the place with its happy days décor. I like the wait staff ours was super friendly as you can see Joe made us feel at home. We were immediately brought back in time when we arrived. The décor is pure fun diner. The meal options were yummy and quite filling. I will admit myself and my friends had such a hard time selecting milk shake options that we asked for samples. I believe this is a blogger on a job option only but it worked amazingly well. I was a huge fan of the shakes! [Read More...]

Caramel Apple Monkey Bread

Caramel Apple Monkey Bread

This is an amazing recipe  for Caramel Apple Monkey Bread and it is so easy. You can throw this together pretty quickly. We eat it for breakfast but I am sure it would be a great dessert. It is the perfect place to use all those apples you pick. We pick a lot of apples here in Virginia you can see the apple picking places in Virginia.

Apple Bread

Caramel Apple Monkey Bread Ingredients

carmel apple monkey bread

Monkey Bread
  • 2 cans of large refrigerated buttermilk biscuits
  • 2  Granny Smith apples, sliced into pieces
  • 1 Red apple
  • 2 Tbls brown sugar
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon and a couple of sprinkles
  • 24 cubes of caramel
  • Tbls of Vanilla

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