Great DIY Craft Storage Ideas

Great DIY Craft Storage Ideas

Diy Storage ideas

I love going to the store and stocking up on craft supplies. I find so many things that I ”need”, from beads to yarn and everything else crafty you could possibly imagine. Then, I get home and realize my craft storage (or lack of) is horrendous! Here are some great ideas for DIY Craft Storage that I am going to try to get my craft room neat and in order.

This pretty craft box would be great for my little odds and ends that keep getting lost.


This bookcase makeover is definitely on my To Do List!


Check out these ideas for the perfect storage solutions for your craft supplies.


I love this fabric covered DIY storage box and it is the perfect place for your yarn.


Try this mod podge DIY storage bin to keep things neat but still at arm’s reach.


If you need to make room on your crafting table this lazy Susan is a fantastic idea.


After you make your lazy Susan you will definitely want to make one of these craft totes to match!


I can’t wait to try all of these DIY craft storage ideas to get my craft room more organized. Do you have any great DIY craft storage ideas to share or have you tried any of these? We would love to see your ideas!

Save Money On Vegetables



We all want to eat and feed our families healthy foods. Sometimes, it seems like it’s a lot cheaper to buy processed foods, but that’s not healthy. If you want to feed your family more vegetables and less junk, try some of our 10 ways to save money on vegetables and eat healthier for less.

1. Start your own garden. Start with a few different veggies and when you get comfortable, add some more for a bigger variety.


2. Shop at your local farmer’s market. This is a great way to save a lot

save money on veggies

3. Buy what’s in season. The easy availability of them makes them cost less in the grocery store. Get the free printable  how to save money on fruits and vegetables    <—- to remember when vegetables and fruits are in season.

4. Frozen vegetables are cheaper and just as good as fresh. When frozen veggies go on sale, be sure to stock up!

5. Don’t throw away vegetables that are just beginning to get too soft or that will soon spoil if they aren’t eaten. Use them in a sauce, smoothie, or even chopped up, cooked and then frozen to use for freezer cooking.

6. Join a vegetable co-op and get a box of different fresh vegetables every month for a low price.

7. Buy a prepackaged bag in the grocery store instead of loose vegetables. My grocery store sells a bag of mixed bell peppers that costs about half of what it costs to buy them loose and pay by weight.

8.  Use store rewards and Catalina coupons to buy fresh and frozen vegetables. This can save a substantial amount of cash during grocery shopping.

9. Use your vegetables twice. Yes, you read that right! If you make juice using a juicer, don’t throw away the pulp that gets left behind. Use it to make muffins, bread or soup. It’s like getting double for the money.

10. Don’t spend extra money for convenience. Pre-washed, pre-cut vegetables are way more expensive, so take the time to do this yourself and save a few bucks.


This is how you get your kids to eat their vegetables.

I hope you can use some of these 10 ways to save money on vegetables and eat healthier. Pass up that processed food and eat more veggies. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to serve your family a large variety of produce with their meals. What are your vegetable savings tips?

18 Of The Best Football Party Snacks

18 Of The Best Football Party Snacks


The start of Fall means Football season! It’s time to break out the jerseys, football shaped snack bowls, and team spirit! One of the best things about football season (at least in my opinion) is getting together with friends and family and enjoying some games and some awesome food! Game Day Appetizers are some of my favorite foods of the year, and that’s why I wanted to share with you 18 Of The Best Football Party Snacks that I have found from across the web! From bacon wrapped smokies, to all kinds of dips, there is sure to be something you would love to take with you to your next Football party!  [Read More...]

Gross Halloween Food Ideas

Gross Halloween  food Ideas

Gross Halloween Food Ideas

I am sure you have little ones or a Halloween party coming up. I know my kids love gross halloween food ideas. I decided this year I would take the time to create some. I have tons of cute Halloween recipes but I really didn’t have any gross ones.

I decided to do the eyeballs since my children love hard boiled eggs. They are also easy. I need easy and quick recipes.

Gross Halloween Food Ideas


food coloring

Red Peppers







You will need to boil water and place your eggs in the oil I use a tablespoon of  vinegar 1/2 tsp of salt in my water. The water should be cold. You need to place the eggs in a single layer int he pan. Then make sure the eggs are covered with 2 inches of water over them.

Once your eggs are boiling turn off the stove and cover the pan. I usually wait 12 minutes to make sure they are cooked.

Then I remove them and place the eggs in a bowl of ice water.

Once your eggs have cooled you will peel them. Then you will cut them in half.

This is how you make the veins. You take red food coloring and a toothpick and draw the veins.

Isn’t that easy.

Enjoy this Gross Halloween Food Idea


Halloween recipe ideas

Then you cut the peppers and put them on top of the eggs. Add the olives. You can also take out the yolk and use food coloring for it but I wasn’t in the mood to do that.

See more Gross Halloween Food Ideas

Coconut Cream Lotion Recipe

Coconut Cream Lotion Recipe

Coconut Cream Lotion Recipe

  The coconut cream lotion recipe that I use was created because all of the store bought lotions were expensive. They also had something in them that made me break out after shaving. I have no idea why but I would have red bumps. I tried three different lotions. Then I decided I could make my own for less. I could control what was in there and even the scent of the lotion. The best part is it ended up being so luxurious and inexpensive that I had to share it with you. I am sure there are other people who have this same issue or maybe you just want a product that you make and can control what is in it. I love essential oils so I make this base and then I just add my favorite essential oil scent. I am actually addicted to different scents and the brand of essential oils I buy are very reasonable and you can make everything from cleaning products to lotions.

Coconut Cream Lotion Recipe

The bases is simple you just need coconut cooking oil. It is found near the olive oil. It isn’t a liquid it is a solid.

Then you need a carrier oil I used grape seed.

This is what I put in 1 cup of coconut oil

1 TBS of the carrier oil in this case Grape Seed Oil

then a couple of drops of your favorite oils

coconut body lotion

Other diy beauty Tip coconut oil

This recipe was one I made for my husband’s feet. He love peppermint. I love t0 not smell his feet.

Coconut cream lotion recipe

Lemon Water Weight Loss Recipe


Lemon Water Weight Loss

I was skeptical. I also do not need to lose any weight. I do however workout 5 days a week and I have that layer of something over my abs. I am pretty sure it is cupcakes. It could have resulted by having three babies. It does however need to leave. I am tired of it. I decided the one diet I would do is to change what I was drinking. I drink Spark which I love. What is Spark? I also drink milk but then i have a sweet tea issue. I got rid of sweet tea for two weeks and replaced it with Lemon Water Weight

Lemon Water Weight Loss

1 Pitcher of water


2 lemons

1 cucumber

1 sprig of mint

Combine the ingredients above.

I drank 5 glasses a day. The question is did it work? Can you lose weight by just drinking lemon water? I mean does drinking water lose weight?  I wasn’t actually trying to lose weight. I want to lose the extra belly layer. The answer was yes. I didn’t lose weight on the scale but I did lose the layer. I think I needed to hydrate. I was retaining water because I wasn’t drinking enough and I do believe the lemon water helped. I would also like to say that increasing my water consumption also resulted in clear skin. The water was refreshing and I still drink it. I just make a pitcher and place it in my refrigerator.

Lemon Water Weight Loss