How To Do Easy Broken Doll Halloween Makeup

How To Do Easy Broken Doll Halloween Makeup

easy broken doll halloween make up

If you have been to my little slice of the web recently, then you know how much I love all things Halloween! Lucky for me, my daughter gets just as excited about it. Now, she isn’t a huge fan of things that are scary, but she does let me dress her up a little creepy from time to time. So I was super excited when she agreed to let me try out this Easy Broken Doll Halloween Makeup on her. And I think it turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. And the best part is, you only need 2 colors of makeup and about 20 minutes of your time to achieve this look! Pair this make up with a doll looking dress (I found the one above at goodwill) and you have an easy and spooky Halloween costume. Let’s check out how I did it! [Read more…]

How To Organize Your Make Up Collection

How To Organize Your Make Up Collection


Guys, I’m going to be honest here, I am NOT an organized person. My refrigerator isn’t broken into sections, My daughters room doesn’t have helpful labels on her drawers to help her figure out where her clothes are, and my car? We don’t even want to go there. But, part of my new years resolution was to get a little more organized and little by little I am slowly getting there.

We all know that girls (well, most of us anyway, no hate to those of you rocking the natural look!) love us some make up. I don’t have the biggest make up collection out there, but it’s big enough that it’s slowly creeping to my husbands side of the bathroom and he is not happy. So I decided it was time to do a little organizing.


Yep, that’s all my make up (well, most of it, I keep a few essentials in my purse for easy access). And I had it just thrown on the bathroom counter so I could see all of it. Selfish I know. So I searched around and found some simple solutions to all this mess that would not only make my make up organized, but pretty in my bathroom! Let’s check it out!

Here are 3 easy (and cheap!) ways to organize your make up:



First, a utensil tray! All you do is clear out a drawer in your bathroom and slide this bad boy in there. No instead of your make up being tossed in a drawer and hard to find you can use the different compartments in the tray to house your different make ups. (1 section for eye products, 1 for lipsticks/gloss, 1 for skin care, etc). I found the one above for a dollar at the Dollar Tree!

Next, grab a toothbrush holder! This would be perfect for holding all your make up brushes. I love this idea because I’ve seen some super cute toothbrush holders to put your make up brushes in and you can get one that matches your bathroom! Plus it keeps the make up brushes upright and poofy.

Finally, instead of stacking your make up pallets in the corner of your bathroom, grab a cute serving tray (scooped mine up for $2 at Goodwill) and keep them on that. It’s looks kind of classy eh?

One more little tip before I go, If you are feeling really fancy, Amee over at Real Advice Gal has an AWESOME DIY Magnetic makeup board you can make, your welcome 😉

How do you organize your makeup? Let me know me the comments below!


What do you do with broken eye shadow

What do you do with Broken Eye Shadow

custom nail polish

It is true I like to match. I am not sure when that started but it did and as a result. I can’t seem to go anywhere with out matching my make up to my clothes. I recently learned a new trick and it is DIY nail polish. It was super helpful since I can’t tell you how many eye shadows over the years have broken and I have tried to salvage them but in the process I create a huge mess of shadow everywhere. This is what you do with broken eye shadow.

fix for broken eye shadow

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