What do you do with broken eye shadow

What do you do with Broken Eye Shadow

custom nail polish

It is true I like to match. I am not sure when that started but it did and as a result. I can’t seem to go anywhere with out matching my make up to my clothes. I recently learned a new trick and it is DIY nail polish. It was super helpful since I can’t tell you how many eye shadows over the years have broken and I have tried to salvage them but in the process I create a huge mess of shadow everywhere. This is what you do with broken eye shadow.

fix for broken eye shadow

I had recently busted yet another one. Well, I should say my child recently busted yet another one. I was going to throw it away and then I remembered a DIY Nail Polish Hack. You buy a clear polish and then you use your eye shadow pigments in the polish and mix it up to create a new color.

custom nail polish

I used a tweezer to add the color to the clear polish. Then I wanted to make sure I got all of the eye shadow color in the clear polish so I swiped the brush in the eye shadow container. Then I made sure to stir it with the brush.

custom polish

I then shake the eye shadow until it is in the polish and fully dissolved. You can also hold the polish closed tightly in your hand and roll it. That will makes sure the color is mixed in correctly.  I knew you could make custom lipstick using your eye shadow.  I just never thought about custom nail polish. I also like that now I have a use for my broken eye shadow especially this mac amber eye shadow. It wasn’t cheap and I loved it. It is an awesome color if you want to buy some Mac Amber Light

what to do with broken eye shadow

If you are a beauty junkie like myself. This is another great nail polish recipe.


edible nail polish

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