Dating Tips – What Guys Really Think About Girls –

Dating Tips – What Guys Really Think About Girls

Dating Tips: What Guys Really Think
CALLING ALL FEMALES!!! Do you really want to know what is going on inside a man’s head?? Here are some Dating Tips so you know what guys really think about girlsI mean really?? The reality may make you uncomfortable…it may scare you…it may even break your heart, but you are kind souls and you deserve to know the truth!!
A lunch girl…..a dinner girl…….a last call girl. That is the question. Which one do you want to be?? Well, I would assume that this is in the eye of the beholder, but you are about to find the stunning truth of how a man views these 3 types of women!!

Dating Tips – What Guys Really Think About Girls

First, comes the lunch girl. You are sweet, you are smart, you may even be cute… are everything a man wants…….TO BE FRIENDS WITH!! I thought long and hard about this one, but I don’t think I have EVER in my life asked a girl to lunch, who I was “interested” in, unless I had already been dating her to begin with. A lunch girl is easy(not literally), a lunch girl is simple, a lunch girl is someone a man can talk to about his REAL girl problems. He may even tell you……”I got 99 problems, and a lunch girl ain’t one”!! Sorry, but restaurants offer “specials” at lunch time, it’s not going to cost much money. Heck, he may be OK, or even ASK you to pay. Yes it’s like that!! If a friend sees him out to lunch with you, it’s very easy to say “Hey Mike, this is my FRIEND Sally”. “We work together”, or whatever else comes to mind. A lunch girl is SAFE and guys love that. Besides that, guys think about sex…….A LOT!! And no respectable girl, or even most naughty girls are going back home for a “quickie” at 1PM! If you want to be in the FRIEND ZONE, be a lunch girl.
Next, comes the dinner girl. You damn dinner girls are certainly the most difficult!! He may not be looking to put a ring on your finger, but he certainly views you as a challenge. You are too HOT to take to lunch, and you are too witty to take a call at 2AM. He certainly wants to have sex with you, but he knows you don’t give it up easy! The truth is, as long as the date goes well, he probably already knows he would be willing to take you home to mom and dad. I will say this, a guy doesn’t ask a girl to dinner, unless he is at least “somehow” “interested” in her. For better for for worse, there is a motive. There are 3 types of guys, and the way they think, regarding the dinner girl……
#1 Rich Guys. Rich guys think with their wallet. They are probably not good looking, and they probably don’t have the best moves on the dance floor. But they know if they wine and dine you, and make you feel like a queen they may have a chance. In many cases this works, as we all know a woman’s favorite color is green!!
#2 Most Guys. Most guys think with their penis. They could be good looking, but they aren’t intelligent enough to realize you can’t just go up to a respectable woman on a dance floor and get her to go home with you on the first night. With that said, MOST GUYS aren’t even going to ask you to dinner, because they just don’t get it, or they just don’t care. They would rather go to the gym and flex in the mirror vs having a meaningful conversation over dinner. It is what is it. Dinner girls are effort.
#3 Smart Guys. Smart guys think with their walet AND their penis!! In my opinion this is the category guys should want to fit into. Smart guys know even if they don’t have much money, they better act like they do if they want to win a heart, or even win some panties! If he has to pull out the old credit card, and start a payment plan, he’s gonna make sure you have a nice dinner, and a COUPLE good bottles of wine. A smart guy knows that a nice dinner and ALCOHOL leads to better places(as he is also thinking with his penis)!
Finally, the Last Call Girl. Oh boy, I am almost too afraid to even get into this category! Have you ever heard the expression, “you can’t turn a ho into a housewife”? Well if you hadn’t, you have now, and it doesn’t get any more true than that. Sure a last call girl will probably turn into a wife someday, but is that really how you want to get there?? It’s one thing if he has taken you out to dinner on a Friday night the past 3 weeks, and this Friday he went to the club with the boys and called you when he got home. That’s a good last call girl, but not what we are talking about here.
He may have taken you to lunch a couple of times, he may have whispered in your ear at the bar, he may have even told you he wants you to have his babies, but all he really wants is SEX, SEX, SEX!! In his eyes you’re not worth taking to dinner, and he’s already done for the night trying to get other girls to go home with him. Guess what?? He has FAILED, and that is why he’s calling you. He wants to SUCCEED. He wants and needs something to tell his friends about in the morning. He knows you’re lonely, he knows you’re desperate, and he knows he has a chance. If he didn’t think so, he wouldn’t be calling YOU. Take my advice, and do yourself a favor LAST CALL GIRL……..when the clock strikes midnight, be like Cinderella and turn your phone off, or there is a pretty good chance you may turn into a slut!!!
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