How to Find the Perfect Guy

How to find the Perfect Guy

How to Find the Perfect Guy

Ten steps to getting the man you want and deserve…

My mom never told me how to score the perfect husband. My friends couldn’t even score the perfect date so how did I navigate the sea of fish and find mine? I used my almost patent technique of dating ideas. You see this is how to find the perfect guy¬†according to this married woman.


10) Look. That is right you can’t find something/ someone if you are not looking

9) Ask for leads. If I want to find a good deal of shoes I ask my friends if they know of a good deal the same is true for a life partner.

8) Know what you want. I always tell people how will you know if that person is right for you if you have no idea what you want.

7) Be the person someone wants to date or fall in love with. That mean do not be needy, whiny, or slutty.

6) Show up places where the opposite sex hangs out. If you put yourself in the right place you will meet someone.

5) Smile. Who wants to talk to a sour puss or someone who doesn’t look welcoming.

4) Make eye contact with people. I mean it no one will approach someone on their phone or texting and not making eye contact.

3) You know the phrase why would they buy the cow when they can get the milk for free. Well do not show your utters and do not provide prior to being committed. Guys are hunters.

2) Have a personality. That means be interesting no one wants to date someone that says yes to everything. See rule number #3. Easy girls aren’t the girls guys marry.

1)  Have a rule. The rule I had was simple. Adore me or be gone. I defined what that meant. Call me when you say you are going to call me and be respectful of my time and feelings. The truth is to find the perfect man you have to be willing to tell them what you need and what you expect. If they are the perfect man they will spend their whole life loving you and you them.

once you do here is how to kiss

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