Real Life Love Story:Debi’s Story

Real Life Love Story:Debi’s Story



Real Love Story

Debi’s Story

After several bad relationships and making poor choices when it came to men in my life, when I became a widow at the age of 50 I decided to take a break from relationships, and give it a go on my own. Two years after being on my own I decided to test the relationship waters again, but this time I decided to proceed with extreme caution. On Labor Day weekend 2009 I went on a date with a man I had been conversing with on line for several months. We met in a very public place and talked for a very long time. We continued to talk to one another and really got to know one another, I promised myself I was not going to rush into anything. Finally after dating for 8 months I invited him to my home. Again I proceeded with caution, as the relationship progressed; I knew that finally I had found my Mr. Right, my Knight in Shinning Armor. He has made my life complete, he has accepted my children, my grandchildren and all of my baggage, he loves me unconditionally. He is my rock, my best friend my soul mate, I am finally complete. He has made my life worth living for all the right reasons, as corny as it may sound I have finally found my happily ever after and I owe all to Robert Pearson.

“It’s so nice to hear about someone finding love again after a tragedy, I wish you guys the best!-Rachelle”

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