Real Love Stories: Thomas and Alton

Real Love Stories: Thomas and Alton




Real Love Story

Thomas and Alton’s Story

I met Alton in one my clubs that I was working at as a promoter. We became friends and I knew she was special from the day I met her. We would meet in the city to hang out and party.We both were involved with other people at the time, so we were just friends, but we enjoyed spending time together and got along well. As the months went by our friendship continued and there came a time that we were both single again. We were cool and we had a lot of things in common. We decided to let ourselves grow together. We went into this relationship with no lies, only straight up truth, trust, and love for one another and for all others. We motivate one another day by day so that we can get to a bigger and better place mentally, spiritually and emotionally. We give each other the most respect possible and we have been together now for six months. She is my best friend and I believe that we compliment each other and have made each other better people by coming into each other’s lives.

“It always seems that being great friends first will help you grow into great partners, good luck in the future guys!”-Rachelle

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