Ways to say I love you

Ways to say I love you


Have you ever thought of all the different ways to say I love you? You can show someone in  so many different how much they are loved, and sometimes you don’t even have to say anything at all! Whether it’s your partner, your kids, or your friends, making sure they know you love them is important. My daughter brought a book home from school called “How to fill your Bucket” which talks about how doing something as simple as telling someone they are loved fills up someones bucket (happiness) and also fills up your own. Such a cute concept right!? SO help fill someones bucket today by using these different ways to say I love you! 

Here are some greats ways to say I love you:


For your Partner:

  • Get up early and surprise them with breakfast
  • Is your partner swamped with work? Sneak them in a little snack while they are working, they will appreciate the break!
  • Watch a sunrise/sunset together
  • Go off the grid! Turn off cell phones, computers, etc and just spend the day together (this also applies to kids and friends)
  • Plan a perfect date. A date filled with all their favorite things (even if they aren’t your favorite things).
  • Use shoe polish to leave a sweet message on your partners car (and it washes off easily)
  • Say it with bacon, because who doesn’t love bacon!?
  • Leave a cute lipstick note on the mirror for your partner in the morning.
  • You can never go wrong with a handwritten note.
  • Laugh at all their jokes, even the bad ones.
  • A no-strings-attached massage
  • A middle of the day text just telling them how much they mean to you.
  • Plan a Valentines Day experience on a normal day, complete with flowers.
  • Really listen. When you partner tells you a story, a worry, a win, really listen. Put your phone down, and give them your full attention.



For your Kids:

  • Leave little surprise notes in their lunch box telling them how proud you are of them!
  • Kisses are always loving!
  • Teach your child how to say I Love You in a different language and use it. (Here is how to say I Love You in 100 different languages)
  • Pick out a book and read it together
  • Make a handmade card for your kids, and have them make one for you!
  • Write an Alphabet of Appreciation! A is for Awesome, B is for beautiful, etc. Bonus, this is a great learning activity!
  • Cook their favorite dinner just because.
  • One word, Snuggles!


  • Surprise your child by coming to school to eat lunch with them.
  • A little icecream goes a long way!
  • Have a Mommy/Daddy Son/Daughter date, just you and the kid(s).
  • Give to others. Spread the love by taking your kids with you to volunteer at a soup kitchen, visiting a nursing home, etc.
  • Have a dance party with your kids, without worrying about how silly you look!



For your Friends:

  • A surprise Starbucks delivery is always nice!
  • Throw a surprise party for all your friends. Just a party to show all your friends what they mean to you.
  • Babysit for free!
  • Homemade cookies, need I say more?
  • Bring back the mixtape. Well, mixed CD, of all your friends favorite songs, bonus points for songs that mean something to your friendship.
  • A distraction free Netflix marathon!
  • You remember that shirt your friend loved last week and didn’t grab? Go back and grab it for them, just because.
  • Send a surprise card, in the mail! I personally love getting real mail every once in a while.
  • A bottle of wine (or a beer!) after a long day at work is a great way to show you care!
  • Take a class together! Learn how to decorate a cake, or make some pottery together.

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