7 Reasons To Visit Disney World In The Fall

7 Reasons To Visit Disney World In The Fall

Disney World in the fall

You guys, I just returned from the most magical, amazing, perfect, and wonderful vacation my family and I have EVER been on! Now, we have been to Disney World a few times before, but never during the fall. Now I’m not sure if we could ever go back during any other time! (Ok well…maybe Christmas time next..lol). It was SO different than the last time we went which happened to be during Memorial Day weekend. Which, never again by the way. We are lucky that we live in an area that gets a week ling fall break so that we were able to go. For anyone that is considering going to Disney World in the Fall I have 7 reasons why you are making a great decisions. And if you have never considered going to Disney World in the fall keep reading to find out why you should!

Here are 7 reason to visit Disney World in the Fall:

Disney World in the fall season

1. The decorations-  If you are a Halloween lover like me, you are going to love the way the Disney World decks out Magic Kingdom! Everywhere you look their are friendly pumpkins, fall colors, and so many photo opportunities. It is truly amazing to walk down Main Street and see it transformed for the season.

Shorter lines at disneyworld in the fall

2. Shorter Lines- Now, this is my personal experience, but the difference in line time in May versus October is huge. We waited in line for hours for everything in May. The longest time we waited this time was about 35 minutes. Also when you are standing in line it feels much better than it does in the summer, ha! I think this has to do with the time of year AND some planning on your part. Fast passes booked 60 days in advance are your friend, trust me. (Side note, how cute is Tink!?).

fall weather at disney world

3. The Weather- Now don’t get it twisted, it is Florida 365 days a year. So don’t expect anything less than hot. With that being said, it’s a comfortable hot if that makes sense. We we went in summer I thought I was going to pass out from the heat. That was not the case this time. I was pretty comfortable most of the time. It did rain (Well, actually, we were there when Hurricane Matthew was there, but that’s a whole nother post!), but the weather for 7 out of 8 days was amazing and close to perfect.

Mickeys not so scary halloween party

4. Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party- This was my favorite part of the whole trip! The party is during special nights in Sept, Oct, and Nov and is a separate ticketed event. If you ask me it’s worth every penny. You get a special parade, shows, fireworks, character meet and greets, and you even get to trick-or-treat around the park. You also get the benefit of super short wait times for rides (and most of the rides are opened during the party!). It’s also the only time that the adults in your party are allowed to dress up with the kids. We all went as a pirate family!

Fall treats at Disney World

5. Special Fall treats, shirts, and merchandise-  Halloween/Thanksgiving time at Disney means special treats. From Poison Candy Apples to Halloween themed Mickey Ears, there are so many fun things to choose from that are only available in the fall. If you attend the Halloween party there are special treats, shirts, pins, and more that are only available at the party as well. Make sure you stop by the Confectionery and grab a Halloween candy apple. It was my favorite treat from the whole trip!

Epcot Food and Wine

6. The Epcot Food and Wine Festival- This was another favorite event that the whole family loved. Epcot is already my favorite Disney park, and it’s even cooler when you can eat and drink your way around the world. You can try food from all over (my favorite was the butter chicken from Africa that is pictured above)  as well as see cooking demos and more. While we were there the TV show The Chew was also filming which was so cool. A suggestion if you plan on going during food and wine, get the Disney dining plan. You can use your snack credits to sample the food! How cool is that right!?

Disney magic

7. The magic- The above picture was my daughter while eating breakfast IN Cinderella’s castle before the park even opened, meeting her favorite princess. For an 8 year old what could be better? My trip was magical from start to finish because that’s just what Disney does. They make magic happen, no matter what time of the year it is. I am so thankful that I was able to make this memory with my family, and enjoy everything that Disney World in the Fall has to offer.

So when are you planning you next vacation?


  1. Haha this is so timely. Gonna take my kids to Disney World tomorrow.

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