Top Ten Tinder Photo Fails

Dating in this digital age is a whole new ball game. Not only are there a plethora of online date matching services but there is also an app for that! Single people of all ages and walks of life are now using Tinder to look for that initial spark. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take a look at Tinder too see how it works. I downloaded the app and oh boy did I find some real gems. Here is my top ten list of Tinder Photos Fails.

Top Ten Tinder Photo Fails

Top Ten Tinder Photo Fails

  1. Duuuuudddde!

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Second Date Kiss

Dating Rules

 Second Date Kiss

The problem with dating and relationships today is that they are becoming extinct. When I was a teenager dating, we went to the movies, or bowling, grabbed a bite to eat and got to spend time together and get to know each other. That came before all the other relationship stuff. Now, I am single again and back in the dating world and I have to ask, what the heck happened in the years I wasn’t dating? What happened to dating? Where did the days go when the second date kiss wasn’t expected. These days, it seems as if everyone just skips over the dating and relationship parts. The process is meet, sleep together, maybe have a baby, then on to the next one. Everywhere I look, that’s what I see. [Read more…]

Dating Rules You Should Not Break

Dating Rules

Dating Rules

The art of dating. There is an art. There is a strategy and if you do not have one you should. Dating Rules created by a woman for women. The reason is simple I had a slut for a roommate and everything I know not to do was because I watched her. I know it isn’t nice to call names but I am someone who calls a spade a spade and this girl showed her cards more than a poker player on a Saturday night. I had a completely different dating strategy. I took a peek on facebook and noted that mine worked and well she is most likely the Last Call Girl.

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Dating Stories: Next

Married Several Times

Married Multiple times

I knew what I was doing when I hoisted myself onto the barstool next to him. He would not remember me, but I had the cutest story to remind him, even cuter than he was. It was Sunday and there were one dollar Rolling Rocks at the restaurant across the street from the laundry mat in my neighborhood. Not a bad way to pass the time between cycles.

Jay had been one of the Assistant Principals at the first high school I worked at in town. I was on the campus for underclassmen and he was on the campus for upperclassmen. As I shimmied my bar stool closer to the bar, he turned and caught my eye. Smiling, I said “Hi, Mr. Brown.”  With squinting eyes, as if to focus,  he cocked his head and smiled.  “Don’t worry, it has been a few years, we worked together at North.”  He casually put his head down and bashfully, but flirtatiously said he did not remember.  Being there was about a decade and a pinch between us, I think he may have been relieved that I was not a former student.

My beer arrived, and I treated him to the story of the day I was on the ‘big kid’ campus to turn in some coaching paperwork when the bell rang and he urged me to “go to class young lady.” When I turned to face him and he saw the faculty badge he was as embarrassed that day as he was amused this day. We shared some friendly banter and laughter. I went to switch loads, fearful he would not be there when I returned.  I was pleased when I found him right where I left him. We exchanged numbers, as I knew my laundry would be crispy dry and my afternoon beer enjoyment would be wrapping up.  He slid off his stool with a kiss to my cheek and a promise to call. As I summoned my check I was charmed to find that Mr. Brown had paid for my Rolling Rocks and late afternoon snack while I was switching my last load. Nice move, very nice move.

He kept his promise and we had a few wonderful low key dates. I knew that he was divorced with a preteen and teenager. This did not bother me. I always thought I would be a great step-mom. Every other weekend would be just fine with me. I could be the cool step-mom that they would tell everything to. After all I was the cool teacher that wished her students wouldn’t tell her so much. I secretly hoped they would like me enough to take care of me in old age.

married several times

I knew that the husband of one of the staff trainers at my school worked with Jay, so I did some poking around as casually as only I can. Which is basically “Hey Martha, your husband works with Jay Brown, what can you tell me?”  While Martha was excited to hear I was dating, she did make a remark about the age difference. And then…”you know he has been married three times. That would make you his fourth wife if this keeps going.”

I liked him. I liked him quite a bit. But I certainly did not want to be anyone’s fourth wife if he was going to be my first husband and only. I am old school on this one; I am only doing it once. The lesson here, vet him, just like a political candidate. If you have the means from a reliable and hopefully discreet source check out your beau! I wish him the best in finding a companion. Sorry Mr. Brown, it was just not going to be this girl.

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Dating Story: The Tall Drink Of Water

Dating story

Dating Story

THE CASE OF: The Tall Drink of Water

I meet this guy online. This is our Dating story.On paper, he has the makings of a potential match. Attractive, successful,

witty, well traveled, etc. We start with the email exchanges through the online dating site. It
goes well. He’s intellectual but goofy. Successful but not cocky. Flirty but in an adorable way,
not an inappropriate way. We move the party to our real emails and eventually to the phone &
text. More of the same. We seem to have the same sense of humor and enjoy interacting. After
a few weeks, we decide that we should meet. We live about 500 miles away, so we can’t exactly
meet for drinks or dinner. He lives in a city where one of my girlfriends also lives, so I plan a
trip. I will spend a couple of days with him and a couple of days with her. And if it’s not going
well with him, I can always escape to her house. Solid plan.

As it turns out, backup plan not needed. We have a FANTASTIC time. He picks me up at the
airport. He is even better looking in person than in his online pictures. Bonus. We spend our
days together touring the city, getting massages, going to dinners. We talk, we laugh, we really
enjoy ourselves. He compliments me throughout about how much he’s attracted to me, how
much he can’t stop cuddling me (which is apparently unusual for him), how he loves that I have
a strong personality and I am not intimidated by him. We act like goofballs together and love it.
There is mutual attraction and it’s obvious.

Dating Story Continues

After three nights, I go hang out with my girlfriend. We have a blast catching up, deconstructing
my past few days & analyzing her current dating woes. I spend a couple of days with her and on
what is supposed to be my last night with her, she gets called into work for the next day at 5am.
Bummer. I don’t have to be at the airport until around 2pm. So, I call Tall Drink of Water and
let him know what was going on. He was supposed to be my ride to the airport anyway, but my
friend wasn’t supposed to be going to work until noon and we were going to spend the morning
together. I tell him, he can pick me up as scheduled or earlier in the morning or that night. His
choice. He wants to come get me that night so we can spend more time together. Cool! Good

He picks me up and we have another great night. We have breakfast at a fabulous place in the
morning and go for a nice drive and then we head for the airport. He drops me off. Kisses
me goodbye several times. Texts me while I’m sitting on the plane. And I’m off for home. I
let him know I got home safely per his request. I hear nothing. Day 1 passes. Day 2 passes.
Hmmm. OK. I don’t have to play the “only the man can call game.” I call. He seems fairly
disinterested, very distracted – says I caught him in the middle of work. OK. Benefit of the
doubt, but I’m suspect. 5 days pass. Another conversation much of the same. Next day, I get
a text. He’s in San Diego running a marathon and the text says: “San Diego is pretty darn nice!
You are missing it!” Huh? Was I invited? Have you even shown one ounce of interest since I

We have another conversation when he gets back. He says he knows that he is not meeting my
needs. He says he knows that I would like to talk more often and communicate more. But much
like how he likes his peas and carrots separated when he eats, he likes to compartmentalize his
life. When I was there, he devoted his attention exclusively to me and put everything else on
hold, including work (true) and so after I left, he needed to focus on the things that he had not

focused on while I was there and get caught up. He said it would be different if I lived there
and we could see each other whenever we wanted to but since I live somewhere else, it was
complicated and he had a lot on his plate that he needed to focus on. He thought I’d understand
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