Dating Rules You Should Not Break

Dating Rules

Dating Rules

The art of dating. There is an art. There is a strategy and if you do not have one you should. Dating Rules created by a woman for women. The reason is simple I had a slut for a roommate and everything I know not to do was because I watched her. I know it isn’t nice to call names but I am someone who calls a spade a spade and this girl showed her cards more than a poker player on a Saturday night. I had a completely different dating strategy. I took a peek on facebook and noted that mine worked and well she is most likely the Last Call Girl.

Dating RulesDating Rules

These are the mistakes she made and ones you should avoid:

1) Do not wear clothes that cut off your circulation. I know not everyone is tiny but looking like a stuffed sausage is not inviting. What if he isn’t a meat eater?

2) Do not go over to guys and start talking to them. I believe a lady should make eye contact and a gentleman should approach.

3) Do not send a guy a drink. If he needs a drink to talk to you then you are not the girl for him. He should be able to stand you sober.

4) Do not hit on other people’s “partners”. They are taken and it is tacky.

5) When you select a shirt it should actually cover your boobs. You should not be able to see down to your belly. You should not try to bend down so he can get “a look”. That is tacky. He should not get a look until at the very least he knows your name and has taken you on a couple of proper dates. Do not sell yourself short or show your assets for free.

6) If you have to tell him your name more than once in the same evening. He is not the guy for you. I mean he should know your name after you have told him. If you are forgettable than so should he be. You do not write your name on his hand so he can “cheat” if he needs to do so.

7) You should not ask a guy to dance then fondle him on the dance floor. There are so many reasons this is wrong. The first reason is you are dressed like a stuffed sausage and he keeps calling you Brandy and that isn’t your name. He clearly has had a lot of  beverages or see rule  #6.  This is most likely your fault since you bought him those.

8) If you have to hold him up on the dance floor do not offer to go home with him to make sure he is okay. A) He will have no idea why you are there B) He will have no idea who you are C) Awkward will not even begin to describe it when he sobers up

9) If a guy tells you he isn’t interested do not try to change his mind

10) If you invite a guy over to spend the night please use protection.

11) If you invite a guy over to spend the night make sure he knows your name. When he is leaving and he says “Good Bye Heather” and your name is not Heather. Do not ask him if he is going to call you. He doesn’t even know your name. You should also let your roommate know there is a stranger in the house. A stranger that was most likely drunk with the drinks you bought him. Who spent a great deal of time last night figuring out how to get that painted outfit off in order to be your latest one night stand. Whom may or may not have your name written on his hand whom you danced to close with because he was so drunk that you had to take him to our home. I would also like to suggest that you make arrangements for a second date prior to him bolting for the door.

12) This is the most important lesson I learn from my old roommate. If you look like a slut, you act like a slut, and then he will treat you like a slut. It is true.

These are some great dating rules from a man.

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  1. This line cracked me up: What if he isn’t a meat eater? LOL!


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