Dirty Elf

Elf on the Shelf

dirty elf

I know you have heard of this creepy thing the Elf on the Shelf is famous . This toy comes with a book and  people pose it every night  for their children to find. We thought it would be funny to pose it for adults. We acknowledge this post is tacky and offensive. We ask that if you are easily offended do not look at image 5 or 7. We ask that you forget everything you saw here. We are not responsible for the side effects of laughter or the images that you will no longer be able to erase. The question is what would you do with the creepy elf? I mean this elf is the Dirty Elf.


dirty elf bunco


dirty elves



elf on the shelf ideas


elf on a shelf

elf on a shelf 2




dirty elf 3










Naughty Elf

Elf on the shelf 123