Real Love Stories: Justin share his

real love story


Real Love Story

Justin’s Story:

I swear, it was like she came out of nowhere, but when I met her I felt it in my heart that she would be the woman that I will spend forever with. She touched my soul and captured my heart at once and since then I have been in love with her. This is my real love story.


It makes me so happy knowing that I have a queen that is there for me and loyal to me. She will never leave my side because she’s strong and able to weather the storm with me whenever gray skies come our way.

Instead of distancing ourselves from each other . We lift each other up and keep each other focused on happiness and our family together. We have now been together for almost three years and the love never changes for my queen. It just grows stronger and stronger every day. She loves her king and knows that all I want is for my family to be wealthy, healthy and happy and other than that, nothing else matters.

She shares my dreams and my goals and I can’t imagine a life without her by my side.

– “I always say the best story is a love story. It reminds us that in this world nothing is better than being with the people who inspire us and challenge us and encourage us to be our best.”- Amee

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