Real Life Love Story

Real Life Love Story

real life love story

Real Life Love Story

Ashley and Chris


I met Chris 12 yrs ago at a high school party.We had a lot of fun talking and I always saw him hanging with friends. He was always in an out of trouble and went to jail a few times, but I always kept in touch with him. I always talked to Chris about my love life because he was very easy to talk to! I was sad one day and he told me that I should go after a guy that I usually wouldn’t be attracted to and he suggested himself. So I blew it off as a joke. I went to hang out with my friends, mutual friends of Chris & I. I guess Chris told them he wanted to chill with me.


So, we went to pick up Chris and we hung out for the night. He just made me smile. He is a very funny guy, smart ass but funny. I was putting my daughter to bed and he came in an said he had to go home. He looked at me & said can I have kiss? So we kissed! The feelings I got in my tummy are feelings I haven’t had in a very long time! We texted all day everyday and hung out a lot after that. The night I knew I loved him I was laying in bed with him he was holding me tight and I was just thinking I love this guy!


Then he went back to jail, but I waited for him. When he came home, I sat down with him and told him no more trouble because I have a daughter and she comes first. He applied everywhere for a job, got hired at two and got his own place. He totally changed his life for my daughter and me. We have our bad moments but we overcome them with love. He showed me that what I used to think was love really wasn’t. I still have my girl moments, its because I’ve been so hurt in my life, but he makes it okay.

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