DIY Candy Mothers Day Greeting Card

DIY Candy Mothers Day Greeting Card

Candy Mothers Day Card


Mother’s day is right around the corner! The time of the year that we celebrate that special mom in our lives. I love making something from the heart rather then going out and buying something that she could get anytime. My mm has a big sweet tooth and loves any kind of candy so my daughter and I wanted to make something sweet for her. So we came up with this DIY Candy Mother’s Day Greeting Card and thought we would share it with you! 



Here is what you will need to make this candy card:

  • a poster board (any color you want)
  • tape
  • poster markers
  • These candies: Payday, Baby Ruth, Milky Way, Mounds, Lifesavers, air heads, now and laters, Extra gum


Making this project is super easy and is something any child that can write can make all by themselves! The card reads as follows:

“Hey (Baby Ruth Candy Bar)! I could go from here to the (Milky Way Candy Bar) and not find a Mom as (Extra Gum) special as you! You have been a (Lifesavers Candies) and I wouldn’t trade a million (PayDay Candy Bar)’s! I wish you (Mounds Candy Bar) of (Almond Joy Candy Bar) and we love you (Now and Later’s)! Love, Your Airheads (Names + Airhead Candies)” 


How cute and easy is that!? I can’t wait to give it to my mom for Mother’s Day. I know she is going to love it! What are you doing for Mother’s Day to make the mom in your life feel special?

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