How to Make Butterfly Wings Costume

How to Make Butterfly Wings Costume (No-Sew)

How to Make No-Sew Butterfly Wings

Summer is finally here! While I love having my daughter at home with me during the summer, I’m always looking for ways to keep her entertained and engaged so she isn’t bored. One of my daughters favorite things to do is to pretend. She has a dress up box filled to the brim with different outfits, and she has an imagination you wouldn’t believe! So in honor of Bug Week during our At Home Summer Camp Series I wanted to share with you something that I made for my daughter to help her imagination fly! My DIY No-Sew Butterfly Wings! These wings are super easy to make, beautiful, and cost about $4 to make. Let’s check out How to Make Butterfly Wings Costume:

Here is How to Make Butterfly Wings Costume (No-Sew):

no-sew butterfly wings

You Will Need:

  • 1 Yard of Fabric (I grabbed the one above because it reminded me of wings the most, and it was $3/yrd at Walmart!)
  • Matching Ribbon
  • 2 Hair Elastics
  • Scissors

DIY wings

First, Lay your fabric out flat, and begin to bunch up in the center until your hands meat in the middle. Use your ribbon to tie your wings in the middle. You can see your wings forming right!?

diy butterfly wings

Next, Now it’s time to attach your wings to the hair elastics. I used hair elastics because it was something that can fit many sized wrists and can be taken on and off easily. The wearer of the wings would use these so they could “flap” their wings up and down using their wrists. You attach your elastics (I tied mine on, keeping it simple!) to the top corner of each side the of wings!

diy no-sew butterfly wings

That’s it! 3 simple steps and you have some beautiful DIY No-Sew Butterfly Wings that would be perfect for summer fun, a Halloween costume, or even a school play. I made these about….4 hours ago, and my daughter has yet to take them off haha!

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  1. molly greene says

    these are so cool! I cant wait til my daughter can wear some.

  2. Beautiful…I want to make some for my little girl for Halloween and to play in after that. I have a question tho, did you attach it it her back or around her waist? Or did you just have it attached to the wrist?

  3. ashlyn goodin says

    Does that fabric have a certain name? These are beautiful by the way!!!!

  4. How did you tie the wings around the waist? Great idea! Thank you

  5. WOW!!!!!! YOU’RE SOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  6. That you for the inspiration! I made sets for my kids with chiffon. Hemmed the edges for longevity.
    I have a bunch of old t-shirt scraps, so instead of bunching with a ribbon, I sewed a loop of fabric down the middle, about 6 or so inches long, to make a sort of “body”.
    Instead of trying around the waist, I attached 2 loops of elastic to the top of the wings for the kids to put on the arms/shoulders. I then attached a snapping strap to hold the 2 elastic straps together and keep the wings on.
    My kids love them and they are lightweight enough to wear in public too.

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