DIY Cupcake Liner Flowers

DIY Cupcake Liner Flowers

cupcake liner flowers

Looking for a super cute craft project to do with your kids this spring? Then you will love these super cute (and easy) DIY Cupcake Liner Flowers! These flowers only take a few minutes to wait and in my opinion I think they are adorable! My daughter and I had a blast making these, and they bring a little springtime inside (without the guilt of forgetting to water real flowers ha!). Check out how easy they are to make:

Here is how to make these DIY Cupcake Liner Flowers:

You Will need:

  • 2 different colors of cupcake liners
  • pipe cleaners (white or green would look great!)
  • scissors

cupcake liner flowers

First, you will flatten out your cupcake liners and stack 2 together. Fold in half, then in half again, then one more time. (Like in the photo above) trim off the edges in a half circle. Unfold 1 time and cut a slit down the middle (about 1/2 an inch).

cupcake flowers

Then, unfold your cupcake liners and then you will see your flowers forming!


Next, you will take your pipe cleaners and use them to poke a hole into 2 of your cupcake liners. Fold the top of your pipe cleaner down (So the pokey part won’t poke you!). You can use as many liners as you want according to how full you want you flowers. I used 3 for the one above.


Finally, Use your fingers to fluff out and pinch your flowers. You can personalize them any way you want. Don’t they look pretty!?

That’s it! Just a few simple steps and you have a super cute way to celebrate spring. This would make an awesome Mother’s Day present for the mom in your life too!


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