$10 Mirror Make Over

Diy mirror

I had this ugly brown mirror. It was the standard brown mirror. I hated it. I went looking for mirrors and they were so expensive. I mean hundreds of dollars. I saw one I liked and it was $275. I moved on. I then had an idea. I could make a fancy mirror all by myself. I’m a girl armed with a glue gun and $10 bucks.

diy mirror

I grabbed some silver paint, glue sticks, a glue gun, and a brush. Then I found these glass beads at the dollar tree. I grabbed three bags of those. I took a couple of hours and I made my mirror for under $10.

diy mirrorFirst you will need to paint the mirror the color of your choice. I selected silver. I applied two coats allowing it to dry in between coats.

diy mirror


Then you glue the beads down. I added some pearls and glass beads from necklaces that had broken. They added a little something special but they aren’t necessary.

diy mirrorThe last thing you will need to do is take off the stray glue. I used a tweezer. Then once the whole mirror was covered. I hung it up. I can tell you that I get compliments on my mirror all the time.

I did find a mirror that is already silver if you want to do this project as well.

Mirror Make Over

Mirror Make Over

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