Easy DIY Nature Inspired Vase

Easy DIY Nature Inspired Vase

DIY Nature Inspired Vase

Happy Holiday season everyone! Crafting and DIY projects is something I enjoy doing all year round, but around the holidays is my favorite time to craft. Whether it’s making my own gifts, homemade decorations, or a fun recipe for my holiday table, there is something about holiday crafting that is just the best! Since Halloween is over, it was time to strip my dining room table and put on my fall table cloth. Now, my table cloth is beautiful, but it needed something else to make it pop. So I decided I needed a pretty vase to put on the table. Sad thing was, the only one I had as a clear case, and that’s not very festive is it!? But fear not, I had a great idea, and I wanted to share that idea with you today. Do you have a tree in your yard? Well then you are good to go for this craft. Would you like to learn how to make this Easy DIY Nature Inspired Vase!? Well let’s get started! 

Here is how to make this Easy DIY Nature Inspired Vase

DIY holiday vase

You Will Need:

  • Twigs from an outside tree
  • a vase ( I grabbed mine from the dollar tree)
  • hot glue
  • scissors

DIY vase

Step 1: After you have gathered your twigs, you will want to fit them to your vase. I like to keep my different lengths so it gives it the natural rustic look. You will need a different amount of sticks according to how large your vase it. I used about 20 small twigs for mine.

DIY Nature Vase

Step 2: Now it’s time to start gluing! There isn’t any special technique to the way you glue your glue your twigs on. I just stuck em where they fit. Be careful not to burn your fingers. With thin twigs it’s easy to do (ask me how I know haha!) Continue gluing your twigs until they covered your whole vase.

DIY Nature Inspired Vase

Step 3: Fill your vase with whatever you would like! I’m always a fan of fake flowers, because I have a bit of a black thumb.

I love the look of this Easy DIY Nature Inspired Vase and I think it looks great for fall and winter, what do you think? 🙂


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