Easy Tips To Get Organized For The New Year

Easy Tips To Get Organized For The New Year



Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015! Can you guys believe that a brand new year is upon us? It seems like 2014 flew by! As I sit in my office (hm, my Livingroom) I look around and suddenly get inspiration for my 2015 goal. You might have already guessed it considering the title of this article right? I need to get organized like no one’s business! One of my favorite ways to stay motivated to see a goal through is to right them down and share them with others in hopes of keeping myself on track and helping anyone else that might want to join me. So with that in mind let’s check out some of the best easy tips to get organized in the New Year that I have found! 

Here are some Easy Tips to get Organized in the New Year!

  • Get a Planner! This is something that I NEED to get this year. Phones are great for reminders but nothing beats having a year long calender that you can write all important dates, deadlines, holidays, and anything else that you need to remember throughout the year.
  • Do some research! The internet has SO many different resources that will make your quest to become more organized easier. Check out this article from Babble: 25 Totally Cleaver Organization Tricks.
  • Start in the Kitchen! You know those pasta noodles that have been in the back of the pantry since July? Yeah it’s time to give those the boot! The kitchen is one of those places that it’s easy to shove things in the back and forget them. Clean out your pantry first, you’ll be amazed at all the space you will gain, ha!
  • Make it a family project! One person should not hold he brunt of organizing for the New Year. If you do it together as a family it will take less time, be more fun, and it can also teach your kids how to organize their own things!
  • Meal Plan, Meal Plan, Meal Plan! One of my favorite ways to stay organized is meal planning! I sit down the last Sunday of every month and plan out the entire month of meals in 1 afternoon. It keeps the guessing game down during weeknight meal times, and it can also save you money at the store because you can buy in bulk.
  • Go by the 6 month Rule! When organizing clothes (or toys, movies, games, etc) go by the 6 month rule. If you haven’t used it or worn it in the last 6 months, toss it. The chances of you bringing it back out after 6 months is slim to none. You’ve lasted this long without it right?
  • Don’t try to do it all in 1 day! Trying to organize your home and life all in 1 day is going to exhaust and frustrate you. It will also rush you and things won’t get done the way they should. Try to keep it to 1 room or subject a day. Your sanity will thank you for it.
  • Make a Family Calendar! We have a big family calendar that will let everyone know where everyone is supposed to be on what day.  We also have pay days, bills due, and birthdays on the calender. It really helps us stay organized!

Do you have any great New Years Organization Tips to share with us? Leave them in the comments below!


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