Great ways to Propose

Great ways to Propose

unique ways to propose


So you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and now you have to think of some great ways to propose! It will be one of the most memorable moments of your life, so you want to make sure it is perfect! Well I asked around and did some research to find some of the most fun, classic, creative, and all around great ways to propose and I wanted to share them with you! My own proposal  from my husband was simple and sweet, having my then 2 year old daughter run up to me holding a ring box, and him around the corner on 1 knee, so cute and special! 

great ways to proposeHere are some of the great ways to propose that I have found:

If you want to propose in public:

  1. A treasure Hunt! A treasure hunt is a fun way to make your proposal a whole day event! This will take some planning and some talking to local businesses (or friends!) to help you out!
  2. A newspaper ad! In a paper your lover reads daily, take out an add in the paper and bring them the paper in the morning!
  3. Get in good with the DJ! If you love going out with your partner and have a favorite club, get in good with the DJ and have him dedicate a song and pass you the milk for the big question. (Make sure to invite all your family and friends!)
  4. Hire a Skywriter! You can’t really go wrong when hiring a skywriter to write “Will you Marry me?”.
  5. Wrap yourself up! Get a large box and wrap it like a present and “deliver” yourself to her office! (Make sure you clear this with her work first!)
  6. Take a Leap of Faith! Skydiving of course! Take your lover for a day of skydiving, and hold up a sign that says “Will you marry me?” Make sure the place you are going offers videos of your jump (most do) that way when you are on the ground you can watch the video!
  7. Get a Pet! Has your lover always wanted a pet? Take her to the pet store and let her pick one out,and  from your pocket, pull out a collar with a ring attached to it, and ask if they are ready to start a family!
  8. Disneyworld! Who doesn’t want to get proposed to in front of Cinderella’s Castle!?
  9. Switch the Menu! Go out for a date to your favorite restaurant, and ask the waiter (before hand!) if they can slide in a “Will you Marry me?” Note into your partners menu! (You could also do the ring in the champagne glass, but make sure they don’t drink it!)
  10. Pop the question at 30,000 feet! If you are planning on going on a trip together, let the flight attendant know ahead of time, and tell you lover you are getting up to grab some water, then make the accountant on the loud speaker!

If you want to propose in private:

  1. A Morning Surprise- While you lover is sleeping slip the ring on their finger, and wait for the surprise when they wake up!
  2. YouTube it! Make a proposal video and upload it, then invite your lover over to watch a “hilarious movie you found” .
  3. Stay in for Takeout! Grab some Chinese food and create a personalized fortune cookie with your own proposal message in it for dessert!
  4. Make your own Crossword puzzle! You can make, and  print one out HERE and help her “solve” it!
  5. Get the kids involved! If you have children, have them draw pictures or even bring the ringbox to your lover. You could also use your pets by tying the ring to their collar!
  6. Get Techy! Buy an old keyboard and switch the letters around to spell out “Will you Marry me?” and ask them to look up something on the computer for you.
  7. Read a Book! Slip a note into your lovers favorite book and wait for the reaction when they open the book to read it!
  8. Make it Glow! Grab some of those glow in the dark stars you stick on your wall (bonus points if you can find glow in the dark letters) and stick them in a pattern on your ceiling that says “Will you marry me?” and flick off the lights!
  9. Breakfast in Bed- Make them breakfast in bed and have the ring sitting on the tray
  10. Spell it out! Use refrigerator magnets, spell out “will you marry me?” and wait for them to see it!


How Did you propose? (Or get proposed to?)




  1. Carol Yemola

    My engagement ring was wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. It took forever to get to it.

  2. I’m already married have been for 23 years now but thanks for the ideas.

  3. Heather DeBooy

    no comment lol

  4. cute ideas. I’ll pin this so my boyfriend might stumble upon it….

  5. He took me to this little secluded place where he had taken me on one of our first dates. Its a small place on the river with a waterfall called “rocky falls”. It was so sweet.

  6. I really like the crosswords puzzle idea. Creative!

  7. I’m a crossword puzzle junkie, so i love that idea- so creative and cute. Great post!

    KARENALBERTWINSLOW recently posted..Love Story Quotes My Profile

  9. My husband did it in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disney World on our 10yr anniversary! We are HS sweethearts!

  10. evelyn florinchi says

    My husband slipped the question into the middle of a conversation.

  11. Sara Wagner says

    These are great ideas. Maybe I should someday print this out and leave it lying around the house?

  12. barbara corbitt says

    my husband said we could get married on my birthday and he was the best present i ever received

  13. Laurie Penman

    some really cute ideas!

  14. pinning this for my boyfriend to find!

  15. Myrna Kasick says

    I kind of like the treasure hunt idea.

  16. karen cochrane says

    great ideas although i proposed to my husband wish hehad

  17. Donna Quarles says

    Been married 26 yrs

  18. Mary Dailey says

    I’m sure lots of guys could have used this! These are great tips!

  19. Katie Amanda says

    Nice ideas. I haven’t been proposed to yet. Maybe soon..??

  20. rachelcartucci says

    My husband got down on one knee while I was getting into a car and I thought he fell so I was trying to help him up and I was saying….”get up you big dork”……classic for us.

  21. christina moore

    Great ways to propose

  22. Sacha Schroeder says

    Adorable! I remember my proposal fondly.

  23. Stacy Ferrell

    Great ideas! I would like to be proposed to someday. No rush. But, ultimately, anything would be sweet and memorable.

  24. Sweet. I’ve been married for almost 23 years and it’s a life long work. I love it.

  25. Wendy Morrill

    In the shower,oh don’t worry it was pretty comical:)

  26. laurie damrose says

    my husband asked me to get his medicine from the glove compartment and the ring was in the pill bottle.more comical than romantic,i know.

  27. Oh man, the sky diving one would kill me! lol
    Jessica McDaniel recently posted..End the Morning Chaos!My Profile

  28. Jill A. Collins says

    My husband has been watching You Tube videos of flash mob proposals. He told me yesterday if he could do it all over he’d love to be able to do that!

  29. Marcy Strahan says

    Interesting & enlighten post! I myself am past those day & settled into being an old maid. Still, it is sweet to hear about the joyous ways couples can become enaged!

  30. Debbie Welchert says

    What a lot of great ideas for someone to propose. My husband’s proposal was we’re getting married and that was that. That was over 30 years ago. But it worked.

  31. tell it like it is

  32. All really cute ideas. My husband brought me a ring and flopped it on the ironing board as I was ironing. Not the most romantic, but at least he took the plunge. This year it will be 25 years.

  33. robyn donnelly

    These are great suggestions but to be truthful I am not getting married again ever. Once was enough and the other I stayed with almost 18 years. The latest has been almost 6 years.

  34. I’m engaged but I really didn’t get proposed to…. It didn’t bother me before it now I wish I had gotten a romantic gesture to remember forever. All we did was talk about getting married and buying a ring. Then we went to the store and he had me pick out what ring I would want,,,,then he bough it…then he said so you will marry me? That was it.
    Caitlyn recently posted..Mirenesse Makeup Surprise! More Great Deals!My Profile

  35. Michele L. says

    I think these could come in handy for other things too… Maybe

  36. Never thought of going to Disney for a proposal.

  37. These are some great ideas! I wish I could disclose how I was proposed to…it wasn’t very romantic, but it was definitely memorable.

  38. Those are all good ideas but, I wouldn’t accept a ring with a diamond chip.

  39. I didn’t have a fancy proposal but my friend did. In Ocean City Maryland they have planes that have ads on them and her boyfriend got one and asked her to marry him and he said Look up in the sky and there it was!! Too cute!!

  40. lissa crane says

    My brother put the ring in the dessert and my sister in law almost ate it! A little silly, but she said yes!

  41. Kelly Bright says

    Some great ideas!

  42. carita acuna

    Too bad I am already married, would of loved one of these proposals

  43. i got proposed to at a dinner where the ring was hidden inside the desert (with the help of the restaurant server)

  44. Because we first met on the front porch of the local Cracker Barrel restaurant,, my then boyfriend called me at work one day and asked me to meet him there and sit in the rocker I sat in that day When he arrived, he got down on one knee and proposed in the same spot where we first met.
    TAMMY recently posted..Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle SoupMy Profile

  45. my husband proposed to me on the beach on a beautiful night

  46. Sue Epling says

    Pretty creative! I was an older bride so my boyfriend just got down on one knee and proposed. We’ve been married 18+ years so it worked.

  47. I love all the great ideals for proposing thanks . love the treasure box one

  48. Michelle Salais says

    Love the treasure hunt idea!

  49. I love the idea of just slipping a ring on their finger as they are sleeping. That sounds so sweet!

  50. Lori Davis says

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  51. these are all so amazing…now if I could get the other half to actually propose…lol..It would be great to have it done one of these ways…

  52. rebeka deleon says

    i love great ideas for proposing. too bad i couldn’t have given them to my soon to be brother in law! they will be getting married in September and I am so excited to be in the wedding. so much fun. me and my husband were just laying in bed when he asked me. nothing romantic but it was sweet. spur of the moment.

  53. Mary Fagans

    I love all of these ideas, but the treasure hunt has to be my favorite!! I had just the normal kind of proposal, if I ever had it to do again, I would definitely want something more special.

  54. sandra davis says

    Something that you do together and love to do then incorporate the proposal.

  55. Cute ideas that I am going to have to share with a friend who is getting ready to propose.

  56. MIchelle Castagne says

    Great ideas for proposals.

  57. Cathy Jarolin

    We’ve been married for 49 years and we got engaged at 16. We were childhood Sweethearts. We were so young and so much in Love I don’t know if he asked me or if I asked Him? Lol! We went to the Jewelers and picked out my engagement ring and I wore it proudley. Got married at 18..Things were so different way back then.. :0)~~~

  58. I’m not married but I’d love to get proposed to in front of Cinderella’s Castle!

  59. my proposal was sweet

  60. those are some great ideas!

  61. These are really great ideas!

  62. nothing special. just a “should we” convo

  63. tanya holland says

    These are really good ideas. I like how my husband did it…in Jamaica on the beach

  64. Melisa Hennings says

    i love the treasure hunt idea.. im going to have to send this link to my boyfriend..give him some ideas!!! lol

  65. These are all very creative ways to propose. You forgot via the Jumbotron at the game. Thank you for this post, I found it very entertaining.

  66. Angela Haskins says

    My proposal seemed more like a business decision. I have no regrets but a little romance would have been nice.

  67. I very doubt ideas of proposing right after waking up in the morning while everyone’s breath smells awful 🙁 Other ideas are cool though.

  68. I love the treasure hunt idea. Gives it a little more surprise to it.

  69. Melanie W. says

    I like the idea of a simple proposal. Of course what girl doesn’t live the idea of a grand gesture. But let’s be honest, as long as we’re getting a pretty ring from the guy we love, he can’t really go wrong.

  70. Carolyn Colley says

    Boy, I’m so glad I’m past those days, some very good tips, I still have a single son, so they could still come in handy.

  71. Michelle S says

    My husband proposed during my college graduation party in front of over 100 of my family. He wrapped a washing machine box and when I opened it a bunch of helium balloons come out and tied to the bottom balloon was my ring. I turned and he was kneeling down to propose. (FYI – the balloons were tied to the bottom of the box so there was no chance of them and the ring floating away.

  72. We went out to eat and before dessert came to the table, he asked the server for some ice. She came back with a glass of ice and a ring on a plate. SO cute and loved it.

  73. perla pantoa says

    the old fashion way on one knee holding a ring in on hand and his heart in the other

  74. Nancy Dyer says

    I love all of these ideas. My favorite was the treasure hunt. I really didn’t get proposed to. We moved in together and then all of a sudden my parents start planning a wedding. We’ve been married for 16 years and have three beautiful kids. I love him now more than ever!

  75. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    Such clever and romantic ideas!! The lucky girl would have to say yes. Great post.

  76. Heather McCormick says

    Some really good ideas here, thanks

  77. kelly mcgrew says

    super cute. passing this along 😉

  78. I’m a private person and would not be happy with the public. I’m 48 and have been a widow for 10yrs, I don’t plan on getting married again (never say never) LOL I like the breakfast in bed one.

  79. All of these are great ideas! Now I need to find a great man to go with them’ lol:-)
    Tiffiny Brink recently posted..Valentine Writing Paper: Create your own stationaryMy Profile

  80. Great ideas! I think the pet idea is especially sweet!

  81. Some great ideas! Hopefully I won’t need them. Been married for 29 years and not planning on getting divorced. LOL!

  82. Great ideas! My husband proposed to me on the beach in Hawaii!
    Jasmine P recently posted..MY HOLIDAY WISH LIST & GIFT SHOPPINGMy Profile

  83. pasqualina tekaucic

    great ideas… thank you

  84. Ashley Vazquez says

    I sure wish my hubs did something a little more romantic like these…but he’s made up for it over the years! 😉

  85. Cassidy Ciazza-Morelli says

    hmmm I should print this and slip it under someones pillow 🙂

  86. natalie parvis says

    OMG. I saw a guy propose to his girlfriend at hooters once while she was a waitress there and I was like omg what a story to tell your kids. LOL

  87. Monica Kirkham

    I love the skydiving idea… but it wouldn’t work with me…. My eyes would be closed so tight that I wouldn’t see it!!! haha

  88. Disney World sounds like a great suggestion! Guys, pay attention!

  89. Ashley Robertson says

    I want my bf to propose in an all out romantic way but he said he plans to just as me one day then we head on to the courthouse. 🙁

  90. Rebecca Peters says

    Great tips! maybe someday someone will want to marry me 🙂

  91. Christy Anderson says

    My husband proposed with the one on the top of the list. He did a scavenger hunt of all the places we had our “firsts” while we were dating. The hunt ended in the church we would get married at!

  92. Blessed Assurance says

    I like the newspaper ad proposal.

  93. Janet Gillich

    wish they had some of these creative ways when i got engaged

  94. there are definitely some cute ideas there!!

  95. Julie Simpson says

    I will get married again and the way I want this new love of my soul to propose is no fan fair no bells and whistles just him looking into my eyes with respect love and sincerity and of course the perfect ring.

  96. Janette Polivka

    I love the treasure hunt idea! I used to love doing the whole treasure hunt with my parents when I was a child and had totally forgotten about it! Thank you for reminding me of such a fun way to discover a special gift!


    I have never been propsed to but these are such good ideas

  98. I still like the idea of a simple proposal without the extravagance.

  99. Kristin Welch

    Cute proposal ideas!!! I think the treasure hunt sounds fun and practical while Disney sounds magical but a tad more expensive! Now, skydiving is on my bucket list and if I wasn’t already married, that would be an amazing way to propose!!

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