Real Love Stories: Jody and Matt

Real Love Stories: Jody and Matt



Real Love Story

Jody and Matt

We met in high school and were friends. We lost touch with each other after high school.Then I was working in Walmart one night and he got on my line. We exchanged phone numbers and rekindled our friendship. We went to college together for a while where I started to develop a crush on him. Then he gave me the news that he was moving to South Carolina from where we lived in Pennsylvania. I was hurt but I never told him how I felt. We stayed in touch and became really good friends. One day we were talking on the phone and he surprised me with the news that he was moving back home! I was excited and happy but too shy and scared to tell him how I felt. So, now he comes back and we are back in college together and we work together in the cafeteria. He washed dishes and I was a server, so the only time I got to see him was when I was bringing him dirty dishes. Well, I started making sure there were always lots of dirty dishes to bring him, even if I had to dirty them myself!

Eventually, Matt asked how come all of a sudden there were always so many more dirty dishes than there used to be. That night, I finally told him how I felt and I was happy to hear he felt the same. We have been together ever since. We are now married with two amazing, handsome sons!

“It’s always good to take a chance and tell someone how you feel about them! See what it can bring?”-Rachelle

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