Holiday Shopping Fashion

Holiday Shopping Fashion

Holiday Shopping Fashion

Holiday Shopping and fashion all come together in affordable outfits for every budget. Check out my tips to look great.


Do the three words  holiday shopping fashion scare you? They shouldn’t I can show you how to make a cute outfit using most of what you have in your closet. I know gasp! I think people have a hard time seeing what they have and putting it together into a “ fashionable” look. I frankly love using what I have and then adding something to the look instead of creating a look from scratch. I am sure my husband appreciates me not buying anything else as well.

holiday shopping fashion

holiday shopping fashion

The first rule we have is grab a pair of your jeans that fit. I usually grab my darkest pair since dark bottoms make you appear thinner. I will tell you to make your look casual then wear a lighter blue jean like I did in the picture. I actually wore that outfit to teach in for something fun. Who doesn’t want to look tiny on the bottom? Then I want you to find a shirt that has some sparkle or something interesting. You know the shirt that you bought that you love but you have no idea how to wear it. I can help with that.


I want you to take that shiny shirt. I bought mine on clearance for $4. They are always on clearance because people do not know how to wear them. They do not think I could actually wear this to something other than a holiday event. You can see I did and people loved my outfit. Then find a blazer. If you do not have one go to goodwill or a consignment store you can get a nice one for under $20. I am wearing a jcrew blazer and I found it at goodwill for under $4.00. I wear it with a skirt, jeans, and dress pants. It is a great item and it was cheap. I would make sure the blazer fits you. That means it gives you a waist. You want something that makes you look thinner. Then find something animal print. It can be your shoes or your purse. Do not do both. The animal print is your level of fun. This is my Kate Spade purse see how I got Kate Spade Cheap. I just wanted to let you know that animal prints are in and having one item that is animal print is on trend. They also say sequin items are like neutrals so having both is not only acceptable but fashionable.

The final touches are a necklace and shoes. I always wear a bold necklace if I have on a blazer so it doesn’t get lost. I want people to be able to see my jewelry. That necklace was bought from Premier and I love it! I decided since I was teaching to wear a black ballet flat. If I was going out I would have work a black heel. I could have easily worn a gold or silver shoe.

I hope I helped you solve Holiday Shopping Fashion dilemma. I know you will look amazing in whatever you choose just remember to smile.

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