Treat Yourself With Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons

Treat Yourself With Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons

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School is back in session! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a stressful time for me. We have recently bought a new house and moved into a new school zone. Which for me means that I have driven my daughter to school and back (which is 40 minutes, 4 times a day) for the last 3 weeks. We move into our new home in a few days, and when we do our drive cuts down to 7 minutes, so a big improvement! My daughter has also made the school play this year so we are busy bees! And there is only one thing to do when you have been running around like a crazy person for 3 weeks, and what is that? A spa day of course! Sometimes you have to slow down and take a few hours to treat yourself because you deserve it! 

Now I know, I know, back to school time can be an expensive time of the year, and maybe you don’t have tons of money to drop on visits to the spa, but stick with me here…there are ways to treat yourself without breaking the bank! My secret is groupon! You can find TONS of great local deals on all kinds of things. The Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons are a plenty, and surely have something for everyone. From manicures, pedicures, and hair cuts, to yoga classes and even lasik, they have so many ways to treat yourself that doesn’t leave your wallet empty.

So my daughter and I scrolled through the offerings from groupon and found a local spa that I remembered had kid sized pedicure chairs and I knew that that would be a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. And I saved 50% while doing so. So when we were sitting in our pedicure chairs sipping on some starbucks, I was thankful for having a few hours just to relax and hang out with my daughter. Make sure you take some time to treat yourself this back to school season, and visit groupon to save some money while you do so!

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  1. Love Groupons! Inexpensive way to try new things.

  2. I love Groupon!

  3. I love Groupons and will keep my eye out! Thanks

  4. I use groupon all the time they save millions

  5. I always buy groupons for massages and pedicures.

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