Inspirational Quotes About Life : Purple Sweater

Inspirational Quotes About Life

Inspirational Quotes About Life

There once was a purple sweater tatter and weathered and barely held together. The owner of the sweater smiles and waves and wishes me a good day. I know that she has made me stop and think. She has given me a moment with a smile to appreciate the day. She asks how I am even though she doesn’t know me. She doesn’t need to. She collects my money and stops in the middle to smile at me. Then she returns my change and bids me a good day.

I drive further up the lane and decide I have seen that sweater over the years and know she hasn’t many. I know she needs another but I do not know how to help her get one. I think of the bags in my car full of food and my closet full of clothes in perfect condition. I imagine I could give her one of mine but we are different sizes. I drive a little further waiting for my order and realize I have the answer. I open my glove box and pull out a gift card to Kohls.

   I decide the lady in the purple sweater has made my day better and now it is my turn to do the same. I hand the cashier my card and ask her to deliver it to the girl in the purple sweater and tell her that she should have something beautiful just like she. I hope she will take the opportunity to buy herself a new sweater and continue to pay it forward with her kindness each day.

Inspirational Quotes About Life 


  1. Michelle Suhany says

    What a beautiful story????

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