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inspirational quotes about life

Inspirational Quotes About Life

I will wait until tomorrow. I will wait until I am skinnier or faster or when I know more. I will wait until I understand better. I will just wait. I decided  I will no longer wait to quiet my insecurities and I will just embrace the fact that I am not perfect. I will own that the only person holding me back is myself. I will learn to be better and will not care if I am not the best. I will try to today and try harder tomorrow. I will understand that the best lesson is one the I decide to engage and act on and learn from. I will  be a seeker of knowledge instead of someone who waits for fate. I will not care what someone says or thinks and only focus on my inner voice that says “You can do this if you try.” I will do so because tomorrow will never come if I do not take action today!

I will put one foot in front of the other until I have walked for my thirty minutes. I will only focus on the small task and not the enormity of the act of actually holding myself accountable for my physical and mental health. I will not let magazines or TV or my friends define what they think is perfect. I will accept that perfect may just be closing my eyes and enjoying the quiet. I will not berate myself when I fail instead I will come up with a plan of action. I will look for the positives even if they are harder to find. I will blow kisses and not expect love back in return I will know that putting out love and kindness is more of a gift than receiving. I will pay it forward today and live in this moment because I will never be as grateful tomorrow if I do not pay  attention to what I can do for others. I will talk less and listen more. I will work to understand instead of judge.

I will give a hug over a handshake. I will smile instead of just waving. I will get going because the journey can not start unless I decide I am ready. I will take a breath and then another then I will make up my mind that I deserve to be healthy. I am ready today because tomorrow will never come if I wait.

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