Keeping the spark alive when you’re married

Keeping the spark alive when you’re married

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Being married is a wonderful thing! It means you have found someone else that you want to spend the rest of your life with, Congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment! Feeling a level of comfortableness with another person can be amazing, but getting to comfortable can put a strain on your marriage.  After the “honeymoon period” of marriage being new and exciting, your settle in to everyday life, and let’s face it, that can get a little boring! (Trust me, you’re not alone, been there!) So I wanted to share with you great tips for keeping the spark alive when you’re married! Go on, try something new! 

Here are my tips for keeping the spark alive when you’re married:



  • Get your Flirt on! Just because your bagged your (wo)man doesn’t mean you should stop flirting! Make sure you remind your partner that they are still wanted, and they can still give you butterflies!
  • Call the Babysitter- For you couple’s with kids, make sure you call a babysitter every now and then for an adults only outing! Sometimes it’s hard to remember you are a couple and not just parents!
  • Dress it up! I know those sweatpants are comfy, but every once in awhile dressing up and going out can be fun, and makes your partner remember how sexy you can be!spark-married
  • Let’s talk about Sex- Yep, you knew this one was coming. Sex is a HUGE part of keeping the spark alive in your marriage. If you have got something new and different in your head that you want to try, tell your partner! Thinking about them? Send them a naughty text, I’m sure sparks will fly when they get home 😉
  • Buy a gift- And I don’t mean flowers on Valentines Day. Give a gift on a normal Tuesday. It doesn’t have to be expensive or huge, just a little trinket to let your spouse know you are thinking about them!
  • Change it up- Always eat pizza on Fridays? How about instead trying that new Italian place? Only have sex on certain days of the week? How about a surprise love making session in the morning? Variety is the spice of life, embrace it!
  • Listen, no really- Whenever your spouse talks, really listen to what they are saying, no matter how busy you are. Trust me, they know when your mind is elsewhere, and eventually they will stop trying if you don’t put in the effort!
  • Surprise! Who doesn’t love surprises right!? A simple unexpected kiss in the hallway, a candle lit dinner for two, or rose petals on the bed!
  • Trust, Trust, Trust! You must trust your spouse! Don’t go snooping or looking for a reason to distrust them. Nothing will put that flame out faster than acting like you think your being lied to. (I’m not saying ignoring things that are there, but don’t make a problem where there isn’t one!)
  • Make time for each other- I know it sounds simple but with bust work schedules, maybe kids, and other obligations, how much time do you and your spouse really spend together? Make sure you carve time out of your busy week for your spouse.

So there you have it, some of my favorite tips for keeping the spark alive when you’re married! What are some of your favorite ways to keep the spark alive? Let us know in the comments below!


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