How To Make An Indoor Cat Garden #MyPetMyStar

How To Make An Indoor Cat Garden #MyPetMyStar

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diy indoor cat garden

Where are my cat lovers at? We are a home filled with furry friends (4 to be exact!) and we think it’s purrrfect! I love having a cat to home home to and love in the evenings, even if they do require a ton of attention, ha! We recently added a kitten to our household and he is adorable and full of energy! He was a rescue kitty that came from the outside, so we wanted to help him adjust to being on the inside, as all of our other cats are indoor cats. So how can we bring some of the outside indoor for our cat? We thought making an indoor cat garden would be perfect! After all he is #MyPetStar and we want to make sure he is treated like one! 

When we headed to Kroger to grab the things we needed to make our indoor car garden we wanted to make sure we grabbed anything else that the cats might need. Kroger has a great selection of foods and personal items for all types of pets. I knew that we were out of litter so we headed over to the pet isle to see what we could find. Have you heard of the new Tidy Cats® Lightweight?

Tidy Cats® Lightweight

Tidy Cats® Lightweight offers the same strength Tidy Cats® strength customers love, without all the hassle of hauling around a heavy container of litter. I had my doubts when I went to pick it up off the shelf, as I was so used to other types of cat litter, but you guys, I’m telling you…it really is lightweight! They are not joking! Even my daughter could hold it. I was amazed. And what’s better than lightweight litter? Lightweight litter that WORKS! And that’s exactly what you get with Tidy Cats®. it comes with TidyLock ™ which  is the new and improved formula that now better locks away odors that can lead to Stank Face. (You know the one you make when it’s time to clean out the litter box, yep! That one ha) So while you are shopping at Kroger make sure to head over to the pet isle and grab some to try out for yourself! Oh and for my coupon lovers, make sure you print out your coupon for $1 Off Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter!

So how easy was it to make the indoor cat garden?

Super easy! And you only need a few things to make it!

indoor cat garden

You Will Need:

  • Fresh Catnip and/or cat graa
  • fresh dirt or mulch
  • A container. I recommend using a long one so you can put in more than one plant.
  • Stickers (or anything else you want to use to decorate it.)
  • Optional: Decorative stones

Here is how to make an indoor cat garden:

diy indoor cat garden

The first thing you will want to do is transfer your plants to their new container. Put down a layer of dirt, and then place your plants on top. Fill with more dirt until even. (It tends to get a little messy, so make sure you are either outside or have a covered area to work on.)

indoor cat garden how to

Next you can add your decorative stones. Water your plans at this time as well. Now you can clean up your work area and get to decorating. I wanted to keep it simple and easy enough for my daughter to make herself, so we decided to add stickers to our indoor cat garden! 


Once your indoor cat garden is decorated, set it somewhere your cats like to hang out and watch the fun. Our cats had a blast taking turns having their treat. And our smallest Ozzy had the best time smelling the smells of the outdoors and having a treat of fresh cat nip. It really was the best way to make him feel the the star we all know he is!

What ways do you use to treat your cat like a star? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. We’re thinking about adding a cat to our family and this gets me so excited! Such a special way to get the kids involved in nurturing care too. 🙂

  2. Pam Wattenbarger says

    My cats would go crazy if I made them an indoor cat garden. They would just love it!

  3. This is a nice idea! Cats love to have fun too! Our cat will surely enjoy this!

  4. That’s so fun! I’ve never thought of making a cat garden before. I have a friend who has three cats. She treats them like her own kids, but I don’t think even she’s done this before.

  5. What a great idea! My daughter just got two kittens so I have to send her this

  6. Amee Cantagallo says

    That is so cool I would have never thought to make one of these!

  7. I love it! My cats are crazy for this sort of stuff. What a great idea for them!

  8. Crystal B says

    Oh I love this! We have an indoor outdoor cat but I still would love to do this for him! GREAT Idea!!

  9. My cats have never been interested in catnip. Weird, right?!

  10. Jenna Wood says

    I love how simple this was to make- and the stones really add a little bit of decor to it! (The stickers too, haha!) #client

  11. Catherine Sargent says

    This is such a great idea. I don’t have any cats, but I will share this with friends that do.

  12. Oh what a nice idea! I think our cats would enjoy something like this. I love those cute stickers!

  13. This is such a great idea. I have 3 cats I’m sure they’d love this. What a really great idea! So clever.

  14. What a sweet way to treat a good kitty! I appreciate that litter coupon as well. Thanks for sharing!

  15. My friend’s kitty would totally adore this! This is a wonderful idea. Also, something to share with another friend of mine who is looking to adopt her first cat.

  16. My kitty would love this and my daughter would love to help with it! Cute idea!

  17. I love this! What a great way to treat your cats!

  18. We really need to do this for our cat. She loves plants, and I need to get her things that are actually GOOD for her to eat!

  19. I’ve never heard of anyone making a cat garden but it sounds like a great idea! I have a friend who would probably love making a cat garden for her little furbabies!

  20. I love how easy it is to make this garden! And the kids can help as well which makes it even more fun especially during the summer. I never thought about doing this before, thanks for the awesome idea!

  21. A cat garden is something that I have never heard of. Very interesting!

  22. Mellissa Williams says

    This is such a creative idea! My cat would probably love this.

  23. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have two indoor cats. They would love this indoor garden. I will have to get the supplies I need to make one.

  24. What a fun way to treat the cat. I wonder if our cat would like it, he’s pretty old and set in his ways. He doesn’t get overly curious anymore (though I suppose he must have in his youth, he was old when we got him).

  25. How cute! So quick and easy to make and it looks like kitty loves it!

  26. What a great idea. And I bet your kitty loves it so much

  27. What a great idea particularly for indoor cats. This is the kind of DIY project I can do!

  28. This is what my friend uses and swears by it! She loves it because it literally clumps everything, not just number two. It doesn’t stick to the bottom and make a clay like mess.

  29. Nicole Escat says

    Wow, nice idea. I will share this with a friend of mine who really loves cat.

  30. Nikki Wayne says

    Oh, this is a great idea I always wanted to have cats around the house.

  31. I may just start thinking about getting into this, my original home had lots of cats. This idea is very creative, I like that it goes natural and pretty at the same time while having a real use at the place.

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