How To Make A Simple Flower Crown

How To Make A Simple Flower Crown

Simple Flower Crown

It’s almost summer ya’ll! May is a fun month around my house. It’s the end of school, my daughters birthday, and the Renascence festival. We love going to the Renascence festival every year and my daughter always dresses up. This year we found an awesome princess dress for like $20 at Cracker Barrel for her to wear, but she said that every princess needed a crown. Now mind you, she said this 2 days before we were scheduled to go, so we had to get a little creative. You know I love a good DIY project, so I needed to learn how to make a simple flower crown in a hurry! And so I did, AND it only cost $3/each to make. When you make your own flower crown you can customize it any way you want and it’s perfect for dress up, play time, flower girls, or medieval princesses!

Here is how to make a simple flower crown:

simple flower crown

You Will Need: 

  • Artificial flower string
  • Floral Wire (Or even better, find the flowers that already have floral wire in them!)
  • Ribbons (we got 3 different colors but you can get as many colors as you like!)
  • Measuring tape

flower crown how to

Step 1: After you have gathered your supplies you will use your measuring tape to measure your head (and everyone else’s that you want to make a flower crown for). Cut your flower strand to the length you measured. (Tip, you will want to measure at the section of your head that you want the crown to sit on. I also cut mine about an inch longer so it’s not super snug)

Step 2: Here is where your floral wire comes in. I found these pretty cotton bud flower strings at Joanne’s (that’s also where I found the awesome butterfly flower strand I used above. Don’t forget to grab a coupon before you go!) that had floral wire inside of them. You will wrap your floral wire around your flower string and twist at the back to create a circle.

DIY Flower Crown

Step 3: Try on your flower crown and make sure it fits snugly but comfortably on your head. Adjust as needed.

Step 4: Now it’s time to add your ribbons! As far as the length of your ribbons go, it all depends on how long you want them. This is also true for the width of the ribbon. It all comes down to personal preference. Once you have all your ribbon cut, bunch it together and tie tightly on the back side of your flower crown. Not only does it look pretty, it will also hide where you have twisted your floral wire. Win-Win!

simple flower crown

Ta-Da! 4 easy steps and you have a super cute, and super simple Flower Crown that everyone is sure to love! We got SO many compliments on our flower crowns when we were at the festival, and considering they were charging upwards of $30 for the same thing there, I was thrilled!

DIY Flower Crown

I hope you enjoyed this Flower Crown tutorial, make sure to come back and tell us if you made your own!

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