Permanent Makeup- What To Expect

Permanent Makeup- What To Expect

what to expect from permanent makeup

So you’ve been considering getting permanent makeup huh? It’s a big decision! First you have to consider the cost (because let me tell you, it’s isn’t cheap, and if it is cheap RUN!) and you have to consider that fact that there will be a fast moving needle almost on your eyeball. Yep, it’s a big commitment. Even I was nervous, and I have a full tattoo sleeve! But let me tell you, it’s totally worth it! I LOVE waking up and not having to put on eyeliner. I have super small eyes, so if I don’t put on eyeliner I swear they disappear all together. I would show you, but now my eyeliner is tattooed on so I can’t, ha! So if you are interested in permanent makeup I wanted to put together a little post and let you know my experience and what you might expect when you get yours!

Here’s what to expect when getting Permanent Makeup:

permanent makeup

1. It’s not cheap! Yes, it’s going to be pricey. In fact, in most cases it costs more than a regular tattoo. That’s because it’s a more specialized field. And it’s on your face. If it sounds too cheap run away quickly. You can cover up a bad tattoo, but not one that’s on your face!

2. There are a few different permanent makeup options! You can get your eyeliner, eyebrows, lipliner, or lipstick done. I opted for my eyeliner because I don’t think I could ever pick a lip color I would like for that long. ha!

3. The set up looks intimidating, but it’s not that bad!  Ok I’m not going to lie, it’s not a fun process. But it’s not that bad! My session took about an hour and I got both my top and bottom lids done. My artist was fantastic, she put numbing stuff on my eyes. So the process didn’t hurt exactly. It’s a hard thing to describe. It’s like an itchy burn. But I was able to sit still and I imagine most people would be able to as well. Just remember to breath!

permanent eyeliner

4. The healing process is….annoying. There is no better way to say it. Your eyes don’t like a needle in them, ha. The first day my eyes were fine, but the next morning when I woke up, oh man. Both of them were swollen, crusty, and SO very itchy. As you can tell from the photo above, my top lid folded over on itself and it was quite annoying. You have to make sure you keep them moisturized! I used A&D ointment and it helped a lot. I would say about 4 days after, my eyes were back to normal!

permanent makeup

See? All better! And looking pretty awesome if I do say so myself. How anyone could get that strait of a line is a mystery to me!

5. There is maintenance involved! This is sadly not a one and done type of thing. About once every few years (depending on how your skin takes the ink) you will have to head back and have your permanent makeup touched up. Luckily it doesn’t take as long and it costs less!

permanent makeup

6. It’s totally worth it! I’m sure permanent makeup isn’t for everyone but if you want a solution to not have to do your makeup everyday and you can afford the cost, I say go for it! You won’t be sorry you did! (Side note, yes, my fellow supernatural fans, that is an anti-possession symbol tattoo, ha!)

So who is ready to take the plunge and get some permanent makeup!?



  1. Wow, that is so super-cool. I have always wondered about this… It looks great, btw!

  2. I have thought about this over the years but never been brave enough. I think my girls would be the ones to go this route.

  3. When you wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis, you could be spending thousands of dollars year after year.

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