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We all want to eat and feed our families healthy foods. Sometimes, it seems like it’s a lot cheaper to buy processed foods, but that’s not healthy. If you want to feed your family more vegetables and less junk, try some of our 10 ways to save money on vegetables and eat healthier for less.

1. Start your own garden. Start with a few different veggies and when you get comfortable, add some more for a bigger variety.


2. Shop at your local farmer’s market. This is a great way to save a lot

save money on veggies

3. Buy what’s in season. The easy availability of them makes them cost less in the grocery store. Get the free printable  how to save money on fruits and vegetables    <—- to remember when vegetables and fruits are in season.

4. Frozen vegetables are cheaper and just as good as fresh. When frozen veggies go on sale, be sure to stock up!

5. Don’t throw away vegetables that are just beginning to get too soft or that will soon spoil if they aren’t eaten. Use them in a sauce, smoothie, or even chopped up, cooked and then frozen to use for freezer cooking.

6. Join a vegetable co-op and get a box of different fresh vegetables every month for a low price.

7. Buy a prepackaged bag in the grocery store instead of loose vegetables. My grocery store sells a bag of mixed bell peppers that costs about half of what it costs to buy them loose and pay by weight.

8.  Use store rewards and Catalina coupons to buy fresh and frozen vegetables. This can save a substantial amount of cash during grocery shopping.

9. Use your vegetables twice. Yes, you read that right! If you make juice using a juicer, don’t throw away the pulp that gets left behind. Use it to make muffins, bread or soup. It’s like getting double for the money.

10. Don’t spend extra money for convenience. Pre-washed, pre-cut vegetables are way more expensive, so take the time to do this yourself and save a few bucks.


This is how you get your kids to eat their vegetables.

I hope you can use some of these 10 ways to save money on vegetables and eat healthier. Pass up that processed food and eat more veggies. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to serve your family a large variety of produce with their meals. What are your vegetable savings tips?

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