Successful Relationship Tips

Successful Relationship Tips

secrets to a relationship

He Said, ”

Successful relationship tips –

This past weekend I had an enjoyable city visit to Boston to visit my sister and her family. Coming from

the “country”, I have developed a passion for the Boston metropolitan area – especially when it comes

to short visits.

My sister has small kids, so most of the weekend was spent in a myriad of local playgrounds in the area,

all a short distance walk from her house. At each of the playgrounds, was a communal garden. The

Community gardens were a co-op of sorts, facilitated by the town council, and had individual plots

where each owner could grow flowers, vegetables, fruit, or other vegetation. During the weekend,

we visited three separate playgrounds and community gardens, and I noticed a pattern at each of the

gardens – Every plot (or space) in the garden was distinct in what it grew and unique on how it was kept.

This led me to think of the various metaphors between partner relationships and communal gardens –

As I looked at each plot – some were meticulous on how they were kept – not a weed to be found,

irrigated properly, pruned, and flourishing with color. In other plots, there was overgrowth, wilted

leaves with no fruits of labor to be found. And finally – the majority of the sites had some of both – a bit

of vibrant colors, several weeds, a little overgrowth, and fruits and vegetables. I find there are usually

three types of relationships as well:

Successful Relationship Tips


1. The ones that are kept well and groomed, fed with love and passion, and enjoyed during all

weather conditions – the deluges and droughts that life throws us.

2. The ones that take twists and turns, but ultimately result in weeds and a futile landscape.

3. The ones that have a bit of both – Fruit and Vegetables as the reward, but the plot could be

cleaned up a bit and could use a bit of Tender Loving Care (TLC).

Which group do you believe you fall in – I am definitely in group 3 as I am sure most of you are! We find

ourselves spending a large amount of time organizing our gardens, selecting the crops and produce we

want to put into it, and “hoping for the best”. In the end, both parties need to have a vision up front

in the design phase that your garden (relationship) will grow and flourish – season to season. Most

importantly, “stay out of the weeds” – and remember the hard work, sweat and planning that went into

creating a successful plot for your valued harvest.

She Said,”

I keep assigning posts to my husband to write for … I am not sure why I am so surprised by his ability to write or by the depth of his feelings, intent, and insight but I guess that is what a “good” relationship is… finding new things each day that you love about the person that you have chosen to spend your life with.”



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