Tips for Online Dating

Tips for online Dating

In today’s fast paced world, a lot of us don’t have time to go the traditional routes of dating. That is why online dating is such a fast growing trend! Make a profile, strike a cute pose, and wait for the “flirts” “pokes” and messages to come in right? Not exactly. If you want to find someone worthwhile, and not waste your time on someone you have zero in common with, it’s going to take a little work on your part, just like traditional dating. A little work now can pay off in the long run! With a few tips for online dating you will be rocking that online dating scene in no time!

Here are my tips for Online Dating:


  1. Pick the dating site that is right for you. There are literally hundreds of dating sites out there. You have your top sites like eHarmony, and But you can also find more specific dating sites for certain races, religions, hobbies, and more. Make sure to do your research and find the perfect dating site for you, Most dating sites have trial periods (or are free) so you can test the waters.
  2. Strike a Pose! Of course you know that the pictures on your profile are going to draw people into wanting to learn about you, so make sure you have good pictures! What are the best pictures to have on a dating profile? Research shows that you should have at least 3 ( but most suggest 7) pictures of yourself on your profile. You should have a close up, a full length shot,and  an action shot. Studies show that pictures where a woman is looking directly at the camera get twice as many clicks on their profile!
  3. Make your profile personal! When writing out your profile, be direct, and fun. Try to keep it under 500 words and show yourself in the best light possible. (don’t lie though!) Physiological studies show our mind grasp things in three’s the best. So write in three’s (examples: your 3 favorite movies, activities, and hobbies). Also, make sure to have a fun username that will want people to click to find out more. (Don’t use your name or initials though, we will talk more about that in my don’t for online dating, watch out for it!)
  4. Know what you are looking for! The great thing about online dating is that you can search through profiles to find someone you are truly interested in before you ever after to contact someone. The best part? No one will judge for not talking to someone because they don’t like the same movies as you. Before searching through profiles, make a list of things you are looking for in a partner, and another list of things you are not looking for. This will help you narrow down your search.
  5. Put yourself out there and go for it! Remember, it’s just dating, its not walking down the isle every time you hit “reply” to a message from someone. You have to put yourself out there if you really want to find love <3



  1. LOL. I am so puzzled by how guys don’t ask you out on dating sites. There is literally no other way to know that the girl is like 99.9% going to say yes. You’ve already “liked” each other somehow!! It’s hilarious and awful at the same time.


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