What not to do while online dating

What not to do while online dating

Recently, I posted an article with my Tips for online dating. Now, I’m going to tell you what not to do while online dating. There are plenty of things to remember to do while looking for love online, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to what not to do! Dating online is convenient, and fun, but you must remember to keep yourself safe, and find the right person for you. 

Here are my tips for what not to do while online dating:

  1. Don’t over do it on your profile picture! Your profile picture should be an image of what you look like on a typical day. Pictures of you from 10 years ago (or 50 pounds ago) are just going to not only disappoint your date who expected you to look different, but it will disappoint yourself  when you have to explain why you don’t look like your profile picture. The same goes with putting on tons of make up, unless you wear that much make up everyday, don’t dress yourself way up for your profile picture.
  2. Don’t drag out the online conversation. When you find someone you are interested in dating, don’t spend week talking to that person online before meeting. Studies show relationships that spend to long on the internet creates a false sense of security with that person and may lead to disappointment when actually meeting them.
  3. Don’t get Catfished (or be a catfish!). I’m sure many of you have seen the popular show on MTV called Catfish, but if you haven’t, I’ll explain: Catfishing means portraying someone you are not online, in hopes of coaxing someone into a relationship. Most people that catfish use other peoples photos and life stories to draw you into an online relationship. Don’t do that to people, and don’t let it be done to you! If someone you are chatting with doesn’t want to meet, or even video chat, get out of there, something isn’t right!
  4. Don’t stretch the truth. You know when someone you know says “I HATE drama”, but always seems to be in the middle of it? Don’t be that person. Saying that you like “extreme sports” just because you went white water rafting…once…is not going to do you any favors when someone wants to meet up for a skydiving date. Be honest with your likes and dislikes and don’t stretch the truth, you will be found out.
  5. Don’t wait on someone to message you! Instead on checking your messages and being upset that yet again, no one has messaged you (or that 10 people have messaged you, and you aren’t interested in any of them) search and message the people you want to interact with. The worst thing that can happen? They say no, and you move on. That is the beauty of online dating!


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