10 Good Fiber Foods Your Kids Will Actually Want To Eat

10 Good Fiber Foods Your Kids Will Actually Want To Eat

10 good fiber foods

Happy Wednesday everyone! Last week I took my 7 year old for her yearly well visit with her doctor. We found out that she is 4 feet tall, 51 pounds, and needs some more fiber in her diet. This isn’t something that surprised me in the least.  She has had stomach issues since she was very small. (I blame her father HA!). So I left the doctors office with a plan to find out some good fiber foods that my daughter would actually eat.If you are wondering if your child may be lacking some fiber in their diet, ask them how many times they go to the bathroom a week. If it’s less than once a day, I would consider adding more fiber to their diet. 

I have never been a “clean your plate” type of mom. I have one requirement when it comes to food, she must try it at least once. If she doesn’t like it, I don’t make her eat it. It’s called picking your battles. Lucky for me she likes a wide variety of food (she loves seafood and ribs, but isn’t found of chocolate, strange little girl) and is always willing to give a new food a try.

So I sat down and did some research on what foods have fiber in them and made a list. Then my daughter and I headed to the grocery to pick some of these up and had a little taste test at home. A lot of people seem to think that fiber is only available in foods with little taste, and it’s so not true! I thought some of you would be in the same boat as me, trying to find some good fiber foods to incorporate in their kids (or their own!) diet so I put together a list of good fiber foods that you could try with you own family! Enjoy!

Here is a list of high fiber foods your kids will actually want to eat:

1. Fruits! Most kids have no problem eating and enjoying fruit. Bananas, oranges, apples, strawberries, mango’s, and raspberries are great sources of fiber. One of my daughters favorite snacks is fruit salad. We now add all the fruits mentioned above for a high fiber treat!

2. Nuts/Seeds! And yes, this totally includes peanut butter! Almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and pistachios are great choices. They are also a great source of good fats. Do be careful with the amount of nuts consumed as they are high in calories.

3. Vegetables! Now this is a tough one, as a lot of kids are not too keen on vegetable consumption. It’s all about the presentation! Carrots are high in fiber and taste pretty good dipped in ranch, and all kids love ranch right? Broccoli is another good choice. I find that steaming them and covering them in cheese seems to do the trick. (but not too much cheese, that can hinder the problem, not help it). Potatoes are another high fiber food and those can be mashed, stuffed, fried, baked, and put in a salad.

4. Whole Grain Breads! Use it for sandwiches, toast in the morning, breading for meats, etc. The darker the bread, the higher the fiber count. Whatever you do, make sure that whole grains is the first ingredient in any bread you choose to get.

5. Cereals! Kids love cereal right!? There is an abundance of options of cereals with a decent fiber count. Rule of thumb is to make sure that the cereal you choose has at least 5 grams of fiber per serving.

6. Brown or Wild Rice! Having taco night? Throw some wild rice in the mix! Brown rice is great about taking on flavor your add to it. Throw in some chicken, some veggies, and sauce of your choosing and you have a meal that taste tastes great and is high in fiber!

7. Beans! You know what they say, beans beans good for your heart…you know the rest right? 1 cup of Lima beans has 13.2 grams of fiber which is pretty awesome. Black beans, lentils, and split peas are also great choices.

8. Oatmeal! This is something I have to doctor up for my daughter to like, I add apples and cinnamon and she loves it! Oatmeal muffins are another great choice is texture is an issue.

9. Popcorn! Now when it comes to popcorn, I mean air popped. It’s not a *huge* amount of fiber per serving but when it comes to snacks, it’s way better than grabbing a bag of chips, and they can get about 4 grams of fiber per serving. Win Win!

10. Fiber Supplements! Now I know what you are thinking, but it’s not a food! And you are correct, it’s not. But sometimes our kids need a little more help with getting enough fiber and supplements can help fill in the gap. Just make sure you do your research and fin a good one!

Well there you have it! 10 good fiber foods your kids will actually want to eat! Which would your child like?


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