Free St.Patrick’s Day Printable Activities For Kids

Free St.Patrick’s Day Printable Activities For Kids


While looking out my window and seeing snow falling I must remind myself that spring is coming! Slowly but surely. One of my favorite springtime holidays is St.Patrick’s Day! I’m 1/4 Irish and my favorite color is green so it’s a perfect holiday for me! 

I love anything with a good theme, and I also love any excuse to sneak some learning in in a fun way for my kids. One of the ways I do that is making fun printable activities for my kids to do, and I make new ones for every holiday. So I thought you guys would like to see (and use!) the ones I made for the upcoming St.Patrick’s Day. Enjoy!

Here are Free St.Patrick’s Day Printable Activities For Kids:


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St.Patricks Day Word Scramble- This activity is fun and great for getting those brains thinking of what word they can make out of those scrambled letters!


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St.Patrick’s Word Search- Another great activity for word recognition and spelling! Plus, who doesn’t love a good word search?


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St.Patrick’s Day Bingo- Fun to play as a pair and great for strategical thinking.


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What do you consider lucky clover- A fun activity with will have your kids thinking about what they consider lucky!

Looking for more great St.Patrick’s Day fun? Check these ideas out:

How are you going to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below!



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