Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas



Are you planning a Bachelorette Party for a friend that is getting married? Wanting to find some Bachelorette Party Ideas that are different than something you have seen before? Then you have come to the right place! I have searched all over the place for some fun, new, classic, different, and awesome Bachelorette Party Ideas and put them all in one place for you! 

Here are some great Bachelorette Party Ideas:

The Classics: Here are some great classic Bachelorette Party Ideas!

  • Spa Day- You can’t go wrong with some pampering and drinks with the girls right?
  • Wine Tasting- Setting up a wine tasting at a great vineyard is a fun way to spend some times with your favorite girls and try some new wine!
  • Hitting the Club- An oldie but a goodie, grab your Bachelorette crown and sash, and dance the night away!
  • That Club- You know the one, the one with a cover charge and not that many clothes. Make sure to bring your dollar bills and have some fun!
  • Vegas Weekend- If you have the funds to do this, going to Vegas is an awesome Bachelorette Party Idea! Plan a weekend full of gambling, shows, and drinking. *side note: if planning a Vegas weekend, either foot the bill, or make sure everyone can comfortably afford to go, you don’t want to leave anyone out.
  • Stay In- Grab some matching PJs, some chick flicks, and your favorite snacks! Have an adult sleep over and include fun games, themed drinks and food, and dancing!

The Different:

  • Hit up a Drag Show! If you are looking for a fun night with your girls, then you have got to check out a drag show! Lots of singing, dancing, and an all around good time. *Bonus- you probably won’t get hit on all night!
  • Paint something! A big thing (at least around here) are these new paint studios you can go to and drink wine. Sips and Strokes I think is what they are called. You bring your own booze to these studios and you and your girls sit down and learn to paint something while having a great glass of wine. *Bonus- you all get a great favor to take home, your new painting!
  • Take a Pole Dancing Class- Let your sexy out with a fun pole dancing class! Most places will let you plan a private party too!
  • Take a Cooking Class- Help the bride-to-be learn to cook an awesome new meal for her new husband!
  • Go to a Concert- Plan your party around an awesome concert that will be in town! *Bonus- or you could use a far away concert as an excuse for a road trip!

So there are some great Bachelorette Party Ideas! Where did you have your Bachelorette party? I went old school with a night in Downtown Nashville bar hopping with my favorite people!



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