Black Friday Shopping Tips That Make Your Shopping Trip Fun!

Black Friday Shopping Tips That Make Your Shopping Trip Fun!

black friday shopping tips

Now I know that Black Friday is becoming more and more of a controversial shopping day. This is mainly because Black Friday tends to fall on Thanksgiving now. Now I understand why someone might not want to go out shopping on Thanksgiving. But I will be out shopping at 6pm on Thanksgiving with bells on! We have always had Thanksgiving lunch, and then prepared for shopping the next day. This is something we do as a family (well, other than my daughter, who hangs out with Grandma while we shop for her) and it’s always such a fun time for all involved. So for those of you that can’t get enough of those good deals, I’ve got some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that will make your Black Friday shopping trip go by smoothly and fun! I hope you enjoy, and if you have any tips of your own please leave them in the comments for me, I would love to hear!

Here are some great Black Friday Shopping Tips That Make Your Shopping Trip Fun:

1. Find your Tribe! Shopping is never fun alone, and Black Friday is no exception. Not only is it more fun to have someone to talk to while you wait in line, but it will also be helpful in the “divide and conquer” method. Speaking of…

2. Divide and Conquer! Now that you have your tribe, you need a battle plan. With the amount of people all going for the same deals, you might not have time to grab all of them. So here is the plan, you split up the group, and have each member go to a certain section of the store and when all the deals are had, you meet in the middle and take your spot in line. Easy Peasy!

3. Know before you go! Thanks to the wonderful thing that is the internet, we not longer have to wait for the Thanksgiving newspaper to get the scoop on the best deals. Check out for the deals as soon as they get leaked.

4. Comfort is key! No matter what store (or stores!) you go to, expect that your going to be waiting in lines, a lot. You’ll probably be in line outside waiting for the store to open, and you’ll be waiting in lines inside to check out. It’s just a fact. It will also probably be cold. So make sure they you wear really comfy shoes and layers! It’s going to be cold and then it might be warm in the store. Be ready!

5. Don’t forget Cyber Monday! Even if you don’t want to get out in the craziness on Black Friday there are still so awesome (and sometimes better) deals to be had on Cyber Monday. And the beauty is you can shop from home. I always save some money for Amazon on Cyber Monday.

6. It pays to be loyal! A lot of stores like to keep their loyal customers happy. This includes giving them special deals and promotions on big shopping days like Black Friday. So before the day comes, make sure you sign up for alerts from stores you plan on visiting.

7. Create a budget, and stick to it! I know how awesome all the deals sound, but you don’t want to wake up the next morning with a trunk full of gifts, and a head full of buyers remorse. So go in with a budget, this will help you from splurging on that mixer that is on sale for a really great price but you know you will never touch.

8. Not all that glitters is gold! This is especially true for electronics. A lot of big ticket door buster deals (like big TV’s) might not be the best bang for your buck. They are normally not name brand, and may have lower specs than you might want. It comes down to doing your research before you go!

9. No one ever regrets planning ahead! Speaking of research, that is something you will want to make sure you do. Know your stores Black Friday price matching policy before you go. It also helps to know the layout of your stores, and what exactly you want from any product you buy.

10. Shop with Cash! I say this for a couple of reasons. One of those reasons goes back to budgeting. If you have cash (leave your card at home or in the car) you won’t over spend. Another one of those reasons is security. Last year as you might remember, Target had a huge security breach during Black Friday and I know you don’t want that to happen to you!

There you have it. My top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips to make your day go by smoothly. But my most important tip is this, it’s just a little shopping. Don’t be greedy, don’t be mean, and Have fun! 


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