Minnie Mouse Combination Shower Head Review

Minnie Mouse Combination Shower Head Review

Minnie Mouse Combination Shower Head Review

If there is one thing I love to review, it’s anything for the home! Being a (pretty young) wife and mother, I am still learning the way I want to decorate, the way I want my home to look. I am very much a freedom of expression person, so each room in my home has a different theme. I have an almost black wall in my living room, a game of thrones themed bathroom, and my daughter has has gone from a bright pink princess room, to a dark purple rock star room! I am always excited to try something new in my home. 

I am one of those lucky parents who has a kid that looks shower or bath time. There is never an argument when I call for bath time. So when I was given the chance to try the Minnie Mouse Combination Shower Head from Oxygenics I knew my daughter would be really excited! We are big Disney fans and the Minnie Mouse Combination Shower Head helps us show our love for the mouse! What could be cooler for my daughters bathroom that that right!?

So what did we think of the Minnie Mouse Combination Shower Head?

minnie mouse shower head review

The Minnie Mouse Combination Shower Head from Oxygenics is SO easy to install and comes with everything you need to easily and quickly install your new showerhead. One thing that I LOVE about it is that you don’t need any special tools to install it because I’m going to be honest here, when it comes in installing/building/fixing things, I tend to get frustrated easily and give up. No reason to worry about that this time! In only a few simple steps I had the Minnie Mouse Combination Shower Head installed and ready for some fun.

minnie mouse combo shower head review

It took me only 15 minutes to install the Minnie Mouse Combination Shower Head and it works perfectly! A simple switch on the side of the unit will allow you to either use the main shower head or the hand held shower head with ease. My daughter loves using the hand held portion of the shower head because she can use it as a microphone she says, ha! Her favorite setting is the ‘”rainfall” setting. It’s gentle and creates great coverage.

shower head review

The harder setting was my personal favorite. I have very thick hair, so I need some water pressure that can really get through all of it. And that is exactly what the Minnie Mouse Combination Shower Head offers!

We give the Minnie Mouse Combination Shower Head 2 thumbs way up and think it would be perfect for any Minnie Mouse lovers out there!


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