Celebrating Christmas with $5

Celebrating Christmas with $5

Celebrating Christmas

What is the purpose of the holiday? It seems to me that we have become consumed with spending money to celebrate. I would like to challenge you to a $5 Christmas. What is a $5 Christmas? It is your opportunity to be creative and to remember the reason for the season. I challenge you to doing things and giving gifts that are under $5.

I asked one of my readers on my site www.madamedeals.com what she intended to do since funds were limited this holiday.

“I already plan to have my grandkids go to an assisted living place to visit the elderly. Going to make cookies to bring.   I told the 3 kids that this will be a  small year and hopefully they understood. They are going to sit down on Thanksgiving weekend and we are going to write out Christmas cards to send to the service men and women.” 

It got me thinking how could I create a more meaningful holiday for my children. I want to create something they will remember and come up with a tradition that they will never forget. We already make sugar cookies and decorate them. I decided I would buy a journal for each child and I would write in it. I would take my time to reflect on what makes them special and what I have learned about them or with them this year. I plan on placing their journal in their stockings. I will even do one for my husband. I bought their journals for under $5 each and I think this will be the most memorable gift they have ever received.


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