Coconut Cream Lotion Recipe

Coconut Cream Lotion Recipe

Coconut Cream Lotion Recipe

  The coconut cream lotion recipe that I use was created because all of the store bought lotions were expensive. They also had something in them that made me break out after shaving. I have no idea why but I would have red bumps. I tried three different lotions. Then I decided I could make my own for less. I could control what was in there and even the scent of the lotion. The best part is it ended up being so luxurious and inexpensive that I had to share it with you. I am sure there are other people who have this same issue or maybe you just want a product that you make and can control what is in it. I love essential oils so I make this base and then I just add my favorite essential oil scent. I am actually addicted to different scents and the brand of essential oils I buy are very reasonable and you can make everything from cleaning products to lotions.

Coconut Cream Lotion Recipe

The bases is simple you just need coconut cooking oil. It is found near the olive oil. It isn’t a liquid it is a solid.

Then you need a carrier oil I used grape seed.

This is what I put in 1 cup of coconut oil

1 TBS of the carrier oil in this case Grape Seed Oil

then a couple of drops of your favorite oils

coconut body lotion

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This recipe was one I made for my husband’s feet. He love peppermint. I love t0 not smell his feet.

Coconut cream lotion recipe

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